3 Homemade Starbucks Holiday Drinks + Spritz Cookies!

[Music] Thank you Hey Munchies welcome to the channel if You’re new or if you’re not I’m Alicia And I am stoked you’re here today we are Making one of the most requested videos This time of year holiday Starbucks Remakes a super popular one from last Year is the iced sugar cookie almond Milk latte Starbucks actually based this Drink off of a specific sugar cookie and I decided to adapt their recipe and make It myself with less butter it is a basic Sugar cookie recipe which also includes Almond extract almond extract is not my Favorite ingredient so I use less of it In this version but of course you do you I will link my recipe below if you want To try it out Foreign Starbucks recipe recommendation I used a Cookie press for the first time which Was fun although not necessarily Preferred to cutting out shapes Traditionally in my opinion these Cookies are still buttery with even less Butter in my version and I love that They are not too sweet if only I could Have this in coffee form oh wait that’s The point of this video so let’s get to It the iced sugar cookie almond milk Latte for many Starbucks drinks the key To their flavor is a pre-made syrup Today instead of making a syrup which

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Can be daunting and yield way more than We will need or use we can create a Makeshift syrup for a single serving in A pot start by boiling some water and Then we’re gonna add some sugar to the Boiling water with almond and vanilla Extracts along with some imitation Butter flavor stir to combine until the Sugar is dissolved allow to cool Slightly and then feel free to froth the Milk with a frother or whisk over the Stove if you choose it is going into ice So it doesn’t really matter then combine Brewed espresso in our homemade syrup Over ice add almond milk or you could Use a different milk of choice although It is an almond milk latte and then Topped with sprinkles yum this tastes so Good it’s creamy and nutty and buttery And comforting and it does taste like a Baked cookie thanks to the almond Extract and butter flavoring it is sweet Like a Starbucks drink which in my Opinion is slightly too sweet but feel Free to adjust the sugar to your liking Regardless it is absolutely festively Delightful okay next up one of the most Requested Starbucks remakes the Pistachio latte with a brown butter Sauce let’s start with the brown butter So first you’re gonna Brown your butter In a saucepan you’re just gonna add Butter to a pan over medium heat I’m Using a lighter colored saucepan so I

Can watch the color of the butter Because we are Browning it stir Constantly for about two minutes and it Will begin to melt and bubble you’ll Start to see some little brown flecks in The butter and it will take on a really Nutty scent remove from the Heat and Stir for another 30 seconds or so and Then we are going to add some brown Sugar and crushed shortbread cookies for The topping yum okay now for the actual Latte my way is easier than you’d think Because I didn’t try to recreate some Fancy schmancy pistachio syrup instead I Went for real pistachio flavor using Pistachio milk say what yes it’s 20 22 And we can now buy pistachio milk at the Grocery store so add pistachio milk to a Saucepan over medium low heat pistachio Milk you know it’s not exactly available In every grocery store but I was able to Find it in multiple stores near me I do Live in LA though so if you can’t find It I would check a health food store Once your milk is simmering go ahead and Add espresso and brown sugar and heat Until the sugar has melted I went with Less sugar here because I really don’t Love my coffee very sweet I want to Taste the pistachio and the espresso Feel free to add more if you want add as Much sugar as you want top with your Brown butter sauce and some additional Shortbread cookies and chopped

Pistachios this one was so delicious Maybe one of my favorites of the day and Surprisingly simple it’s nutty and the Brown butter topping adds a rich and Roasty comfort that is just perfect for The holidays Okay the last recipe of the day is a True holiday Starbucks classic a Peppermint hot chocolate In a saucepan over medium heat heat milk Of choice and then add some cocoa powder Sugar and salt until it begins to simmer And the sugar has completely dissolved Reduce the heat to low and add some Chocolate chips or chopped chocolate I Used milk chocolate and I also used some Peppermint and vanilla extracts now Optionally you could add some espresso Totally up to you whisk until the Mixture is melted and glossy that’s it Serve in your favorite holiday mug or Your to-go cup I like to top mine with Marshmallows and a candy cane or Sometimes some whipped cream and Chocolate sprinkles yum this is Basically Christmas in a cup if you ask Me it’s got everything you want from a Holiday beverage it’s robust and cocoy And paired with the peppermint it’s Almost like it’s actually almost like a Christmas thin mint coffee Yum I hope you enjoyed these holiday Starbucks remake recipes I have done Tons of other ones

I have done tons of other ones so if you Want to check them out I’ve linked them Below the recipes and the videos If you Give any of them a try don’t forget to Tag me on social and let me know what You thought I cannot wait to see your Creations thank you so much for being Here have a happy and safe holiday Season and remember it’s all a matter of Mind Over munch [Music] Foreign [Music]

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