5 Ingredient Microwave Pumpkin Pie | Healthy & Low Carb Dessert

[Music] It’s November not so friendly holiday Eating is here and pumpkin is in Everything today we keep the pumpkin but Work on the not so friendly part if You’re looking for a quick seasonal Dessert five ingredients that’s packed With protein and low in calories and You’ve come to the right place thanks to The sponsor of this video Thrive Market Which you can check out below we’ll talk More about that in a second in the Meantime let’s just jump right into the Recipe [Music] Start this one by adding it to a mixing Bowl one large whole leg 120 grams of Pumpkin 15 grams of a complimenting Flavor protein powder a little pumpkin Pie spice and a little sweetener mix all Those ingredients together until smooth Like this [Music] Next take out a microwave safe dish coat It with some non-stick cooking spray and Pour your mix in Top it with whatever you want like some Nuts or chocolate chips then put into The microwave for around two to three Minutes depending on how powerful your Microwave is you don’t have to but you Could also optionally give it a quick Mix after 30 seconds to help it cook More evenly

Oh and for those of you who want to Cross or don’t have a microwave add in Some graham cracker crumbs melted butter Mix those together pack them down pour Your mix in bake it for around 30 Minutes Foreign [Music] Looks delicious right not only is it Delicious but it’s incredibly filling For how many calories it has if you want A full breakdown on the ingredients and Calorie information I’ll include a link To the recipe on our website Theproteinchef.co below now to get to The sponsor of this video Thrive Market If you haven’t heard of them they’re an Online membership-based grocery store on A mission to make healthy living easy And affordable for everyone you can find Thousands of your favorite healthy foods And products Below Retail if it’s not Cheaper they’ll price match it they also Have a vast selection of Their own branded products which is what I’ve been ordering you want to check Them out you can do so by going to Thrivemarket.com forward slash The Protein Chef or via the link in the Description you’ll get 30 off your first Order and a free gift worth up to sixty Dollars when you join before we end this One those of you who decorate for Christmas do you prefer colored or white

Lights let me know in the comments I’m In a debate here with that said thank You for watching and to thrive market For sponsoring this video hit that Thumbs up button for some more seasonal Recipe ideas subscribe if you haven’t Already so you never miss a recipe and Of course stay healthy [Music] Thank you

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