BLACK BEAN & OAT BROWNIES | tasty, fudgy, vegan brownie recipe

Hello my friends it’s Danny and today I Am sharing an updated version of my Black bean brownies made with oat flour And topped with a rich and decadent Chocolate icing now this is a great way To level up a traditional brownie recipe Because my black bean brownies are free Of all refined flours and sugars they’re Naturally gluten free 100 plant-based And you get an extra dose of fiber from All of those beans but don’t worry Nobody’s gonna even know that they’re in There so the first thing I’m going to do Is preheat my oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and I’m going to grease an 8×8 baking dish and I’m going to do this With a little bit of coconut oil you Could also do this with a butter or some Cooking spray we just want to make sure That the brownies don’t stick to the pan Then into a nice big bowl I’m combining Three quarters of a cup of oat flour now Remember all oat flour is is ground up Oats so if you can’t find it at the Grocery store you can simply put some Oats in your food processor and grind Them up until you have a nice fine Flower then I have a half a cup of cocoa Powder A half a teaspoon of sea salt and a half A teaspoon of baking powder I’m going to Gently toss this all together just get These dry ingredients well combined and Then we’re going to set that aside then

For my black beans I like to break them Down in the blender so the first thing I Do is drain and rinse one 15 ounce can Of black beans then I’m going to Transfer them into a high speed blender And to that I am adding three quarters Of a cup of water three quarters of a Cup of a real maple syrup and a Tablespoon of vanilla extract I’ll pop On my lid and then I’m just going to Blend that up until the beans are broken Down and everything is well combined and You’re going to notice that this is a Very liquidy mixture that’s exactly how It’s supposed to be so once it’s all Blended I’m going to take this Bean Mixture and add it to our dry Ingredients and then we’ll gently fold That together and then just stir and mix Until you have a nice rich brownie Batter like I have here Now from here we’re ready for our Stirrants so I am adding a half a cup of Chocolate chips and be mindful of the Type of chocolate chips that you buy if You want to keep this recipe 100 Plant-based make sure to choose a Chocolate chip that is in alignment with That you can also choose chocolate chips That are lower in sugar or made with Monk fruit if you want to pull back on The sugars so as always pick whichever One aligns with your own personal goals And then this is completely optional but

I love a chopped up walnut in my Brownies so I have 1 3 cup of chopped up Walnuts this is going to add a really Great like flavor and texture to the Brownie but again optional so if you’re Not a nut in your brownie kind of person You could skip that step once I have the Chocolate chips and the walnuts folded Into the brownie batter I’m just going To gently transfer the batter into my Prepared pan just get it all in there Make sure it’s nice and even and this is Going to go into my oven for 30 to 35 Minutes or until it is set through and The kitchen is nice and fragrant Remember anytime you you are baking as Soon as your kitchen starts to smell Delicious and kind of like you want to Take a bite out of the air that’s how You know that whatever is in the oven is Just about done now while my brownie is Cool I like to make a maple sweetened Chocolate icing because this is like a Triple threat brownie we have three Layers of chocolate and this icing is so Easy to make you just want to grab a Small bowl and into that goes a half a Cup of unsweetened cocoa powder or cacao Powder cocoa powder and cacao powder are Interchangeable in all recipes the only Difference is is that cacao powder is Not heated so it’s slightly less Processed than cocoa powder but it’s Also a little bit more bitter so you

Decide then I’m also adding two Tablespoons of melted coconut oil a Quarter cup of maple syrup and a Teaspoon of vanilla extract and then You’re just going to get in there and Mix this all together and it’s going to Create this very very rich fudgy Decadent chocolate icing now once the Brownies have cooled to room temperature You don’t want them to be hot when you Spread the icing on because that’s going To make a hot mess so once they’ve Cooled to room temperature you’re just Going to spread your icing right over The top of the pan and just try to get It on there as evenly as possible now Technically you could cut into the Brownies now but I prefer this recipe Chills I find they also set up better When you cut them cold and I actually Enjoy the flavor of them even more when They’re cold so I’m going to pop these In the fridge for a few hours and then I’m going to cut them into small squares And enjoy this is such a rich fudgy Decadent Brownie and I promise you Nobody is ever going to know that there Is the black bean inside of their Brownie they are so good now if you Enjoy easy healthy recipes just like This please take a moment to like this Video And subscribe to the channel and Don’t forget to hit that notification Bell so you never miss a new recipe

Thanks so much for watching I’m Danny Spies and I’ll see you back here next Time with some more clean and Deliciousness cheers

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