Christmas Cookies For Santa | Easy & Delicious Holiday Baking

Hi lovelies Santa Claus is coming to Town and if you really want to blow him Away on Christmas Eve I highly recommend Doing it with these absolutely Incredible Christmas cookies that are Bursting with chocolatey goodness the Man in red just will not be able to Resist So if you are looking for an awesome Kid-friendly baking project this holiday Season I would highly recommend these Cookies they are super tasty but also Super fun and great for kids now to get Started I am mixing up my dry Ingredients so I’ve got two cups of All-purpose flour here and to that I’m Adding one tablespoon of baking powder And half a teaspoon of salt I’m just Gonna get in here with my whisk and mix That up until it’s really nicely Combined and then I’ll go ahead and set It aside I want to make sure that that Baking powder gets well Incorporated With the flour so that our cookies get Really even lift throughout So would it even be a Christmas cookie If it didn’t have a load of butter in it Probably not in my bowl I’ve got one cup Of a room temperature butter to that I’m Going to be adding some brown sugar and Some white sugar as well and then I’ll Head in here with my hand mixer and just Beat this up until it’s nice and light And fluffy

Now I could use my stand mixer for this For sure but I find using my hand mixer It gives me just enough of a workout That I feel like I’m working off any of Those extra Christmas calories so Hand mixer it is At this point I’m ready to go ahead and Add two eggs to this as well as a good Splash of vanilla extract All the classic cookie ingredients I’ll mix that up once again with my hand Mixer until it’s well combined and then It’s time to add my dry ingredients to This And then we want these cookies to be Extra hearty and have really great Texture so I’m also going to be adding Some oats these are old-fashioned rolled Oats that I’m working with you could use Quick oats if that’s what you had on Hand And I’m just going to beat those in as Well Trust me Guys these are going to be Outrageously good It’s been a while since we got a food Pen in there So at this point what I have here is a Really classic oatmeal cookie dough and To this dough you could pretty much add Any mix-ins you wanted to so you could Add any kind of chocolate chips you Could add some nuts to this some raisins Some cranberries you could add pretzel

Bits that have been chopped up or even Potato chips I’ve seen that happen Toffee bits caramel chips would be Really good here I’m keeping things Pretty classic today with one and a Quarter cups of holiday colored M M’s I’ve got one cup of semi-sweet chocolate Chips headed in here and half a cup of White chocolate chips I mean I think It’s safe to say that these are going to Be Santa’s favorite this holiday season Reindeer get the carrots Santa gets all The cookies I’ll fold this all together until those Mix-ins are really well combined in my Dough and then it’s time to form my Cookies you might be inclined to use a Cookie scoop like this But in my house we believe in big Cookies so instead I’m using an ice Cream scoop like this if you want to Meet somewhere in the middle you totally Can make your cookies as big or as small As you like but for me it is all about The ice cream scoop I’m going for it Then I’m going to go ahead and use my Hands to form my dough into a bit of a Puck shape and then I’ll arrange it on a Parchment lined cookie sheet All right guys these Beauties are ready To hit the oven I’ve got it preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and I’m going to Let these bake for about 9 to 10 minutes At which point I’m going to take them

Out of the oven and finish them off by Topping them with even more delicious m M candies I can’t help myself I just have to add a Couple more to really make them as Festive as possible If you add your M m’s on top any sooner They will crack during the cooking Process because they can’t withstand the Heat of the oven so you only want those M M’s in there for a couple of minutes Then I will get them back into the oven For another say two minutes or so It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas How awesome do these look I am so ready to dig in guys take my Word for this you need to give these Five minutes to cool but then just jump Right in biggest glass of milk you can Find trust me Santa will bring you Something extra nice because he will Appreciate all of your amazing effort These aren’t amazing Crispy on the outside chewy on the Inside so Ultra chocolaty Pretty much the perfect cookie I hope You guys love this recipe as much as I Do and that you will give it a try for Yourselves if you do be sure to tweet me Instagram me or Facebook me a photo Because you know how much I love seeing Your Kitchen Creations especially your Holiday ones this recipe like all of my

Recipes is featured on my website the or you can find the Full written recipe Linked In the Description box below thank you guys as Always so much for watching and finally If you haven’t already be sure to Subscribe because there is lots more Holiday deliciousness where this came From

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