Could  this €1 pasta bake save you hundreds per year?

Yo dudes welcome to one Euro pasta bake This takes 35 minutes is incredibly Tasty it makes six portions and it only Cost us five euros 50 you can see there So less than one euro per portion and You’ll genuinely be amazed at how tasty This is okay first step we’re gonna Preheat our oven ours is preheated to 190 degrees I’ve got 100 grams of cashew Nuts I went all out I’ve got organic Ones and I’m gonna soak these for a Cashew cream I’m gonna leave them to sit for 10 Minutes okay now we’re gonna prep our Veg so we got lots of edge for even with This little tight budget and if you like The secret is to get lots of the bags That are in season are un special chop Them up into whatever size you like but If you do chop them finer they’re all Going to cook quicker and just gonna Leave more room for caramelization so I’m going to chop these into kind of Nice little Half Moon Slices we’ve got One whole head of garlic chop the top Off of Pop straight in there and another Red onion I just think they go real Sweet once they go no charge and Caramelized they’re just gonna add a Really beautiful extra layer of flavor To this dish and finally just two Carrots carrots were cheap Okay nice generous pinch of salt over Each one

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It’s gonna help draw the moisture out And maybe more caramelization we’re Gonna go with a tablespoon of oil over Each one leave the oil out if you want To reduce the calories but it’ll just Enable more caramelization Take your Clean Hands you voila So we try to make Vegan Cooking as easy As possible so we’re going to let the Oven do the work give a thumbs up if you Agree If you want to learn the secrets of how To coconut recipes join our Vegan Cooking course and vegan bacon courses On discount now you won’t be doing it Alone you’ll learn how to cook without Recipes and not only that when you have Access to our other 10 lifestyle Changing courses with medical experts There’s yoga workout Community there’s Live Events it’s incredible link down Below to learn more give The Gift of Health this Christmas cheers back to the Recipe now okay while they’re in the Open we’re gonna first we’re gonna board Our pasta so I have boiling water into a Large pan popped on hot beef we’ll pop In our sold we’re gonna add in a Generous pinch of salt a daily one Boiling past your water should be the Same salinity of seawater we’re using Whole milk pasta because it’s higher in Fiber so if you can it’s just better for You it’s working with a full 500 gram

Pack of penne we use whatever pasta you Prepare Yeah don’t use spaghetti spaghetti Doesn’t Bakewell Take nine to ten minutes and we’re gonna Leave that boil away and we’re gonna Make our cashew cream so take your Soaked cashew nuts and we’re gonna drain And really important step is to give Them a good rinse So enter our blender we have ourselves Cashew nuts One clove of garlic just chop it a Little bit finer just to make it easier On your blender or your food processor Okay we 400 mL of water we’re using tap Water because it’s free a nice generous Pinch of salt and I gotta go with a Little splash of vinegar clear vinegar Of choice I’m going apple cider oh okay Pop the lid on and it’s really important You blend this until it’s super creamy And smooth Okay cashew cream is just Gonna leave that just there for a sec While I train our pasta so pasta I Really like with penne when it’s nice And Al Dente the way I always Know that it’s done because you see the Little kind of small white line It’s a very small white one I like a Little bit of bite to mine some people Like it overcooked again cook it to the Way you like it so let’s try and rinse

That just so it’s ready to go Foreign 25 minutes in the oven You want to wait until they’re nice and Um yeah if you can give time the oven Just helps really caramelize things Beautifully so we’ve got our cashew Cream I’m going to take our head of Garlic that we’ve roasted and just pop In all the cloves just gonna add a real Subtle undercarriage of roasted garlic To this dish take our can of chopped Tomatoes pop it in on top Take a nice pinch of salt It goes a little pinch of black pepper Too Okay time to bring this dish together so We have our pasta in the base pop in all Our roasted veggies on top Pour our sauce and on top of that Really important step just taste and Season as he goes just give it a little Taste just Nope Out of salt [Music] Okay grab your pot and we’re just gonna Pour it all in Okay so it looks beautiful I’m Gonna Bake that for about 10 minutes until it Goes crispy and caramelized if you did Have a little bit of bread crumbs pop Them over the top they’re just gonna be Crispy and you’re just gonna get more

Variety of texture and please subscribe To this channel if you want to learn how To cook easy tasty delicious plant-based Recipes that are gonna be healthier for You and healthier for the planet and if You subscribe we’d be delighted okay and It goes into the oven we’re gonna bake It for 10 minutes Foreign Looks great I’m starving [Music] Okay so the main purpose of this video Is just to show you that healthy kind of Plant-based foods can be cheap Affordable as well as really really Tasty so here you are just to show you This I love being crazy So I was taken to our 550 that we spent But you could have put breadcrumbs hurt Breadcrumb across the top you could have Put loads of different stuff all of some Dried tomatoes really kind of pimped it Up but I guess the whole purpose is we Should show you that healthy plant-based Food can be cheap tasty Hmm and genuinely delicious yeah thanks Mel for watching click the link down Below to subscribe and bye bye bye bye Bye bye

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