Don't be the last one to try Christmas Quesadillas

Yo dudes welcome to a Christmas quesity Is something that might sound like an Oxymoron you go I’m like oh this is Crazy why did I click in this bear with Us this is my lips and a great way using Your Christmas leftovers it will Literally take you five minutes from Start to finish and you’ll be amazed With the flavor you pack in First Step We’re gonna make is our parsnip carrot And potato cheese yes I did say that Trust us it’s great take about 60 to 70 Grams of root roasted or cooked root Vegetables so I’ve got a few potatoes a Few parsnips not very many and a few Carrots about a teaspoon of garlic Powder might seem strange in your cheese Juice of half a lemon or else a little Dash of vinegar of choice 60 mL of a neutral tasting oil And then we’re gonna go 30 grams up the Happy pear oat milk where’d we get it The happy pear yeah anyway so oat milk Or if you don’t have oat milk you just Use water But it tastes much better with the happy Pair of oat milk So when you’re making this yourself you Want to kind of work to get the correct Texture so we’re doing this kind of just Off a general rule of thumb when you’re Making it at home the last thing you Want to be doing is weighing out your Leftovers so I’m just going to show you

How I do it foreign Needs a little bit more carrot we want To make it more yellow in color or more Orange in color and I’m going to put a Little bit more salt through Pop it in A tiny little bit more now we’ll put a Little bit more oatmeal I’m gonna go with a nice generous pinch Of salt Okay it looks pretty cool now genuine Oh that’s proper anyway look at that for A lovely texture look [Music] Really nice Mmm wow a lot of flavor on that Genuinely delicious okay time to make Our Christmas quesadilla we’ve got a Wide bottom non-stick pan we’re gonna Put it on a medium Heat Pop on our tortilla use corn if you have Corn we’re simply using whole wheat It’ll work fine don’t worry okay first Step take our cheese It’s our cheese it’s nacho cheese It’s really bad I’m sorry so spread out The nacho cheese I’m gonna get both sides okay on top of That we’re gonna go with some brussels Sprouts Parsnips on top next And then take your potatoes and just Mash them in your hand just to release The starch that’s going to help hold

This together Next up we’ve got some cranberry sauce This is going to provide a nice sweet Bit of acidity to the dish Be generous with this Okay and then take our Wellington we’re Going to take the filling from our Wellington and just crumble it across The top even a little bit of pastry Don’t worry this is all about using Leftovers Take a spatula scoop up the side just Before it starts to burn Okay once you’re feeling confident that It’s nicely done let’s just flip it over Be really careful here Whoa Okay now for the Moment of Truth we have Made our it smells almost like a pancake It smells so beautiful Four three two one oh voila we lost a Couple of sprouts in the process okay This one’s so big I’m gonna chop it into Quarters Oh nice and crispy oh look at this okay You ready look at that it’s gooey it’s Cheesy it’s magnificent oh I am properly Can’t wait to get into this Wow I choose it Um That cheese is not your cheese sorry Excuse all these poor jokes but really Really tasty genuine tough five minutes

From start to finish if your own nacho Cheese it’s delicious it’s easy Feliz Navidad thanks Mel for watching if you Do cook it let us know below let us know If you would cook this and please Subscribe because we love doing this Thanks and help happy day bye

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