Yo dudes welcome to no 10 minute Biryani okay so we literally have 10 Minutes we’re gonna cook this from Scratch this is a recipe that’s high in Fiber high in phyto estrogen which is Really good for menopause it’s super Packed with Whole Foods it really is Lots of beans lots of lentils lots of Whole grains this is Indian face food Done in 10 minutes okay and we’re gonna Talk to you why it’s good from menopause During it so first up we’ve got a wide Bottom non-stick pan and high heat we’re Gonna go in with about a tablespoon of Cumin seeds yes and on top of that I Have some desiccated coconut Approximately 50 grams now it’s probably About 35 grams in that we want to toast This this is the undercarriage of Flavors can I add the onions in with That uh yes great Next Step we’ve got One diced red onion and we’re gonna add It all in because we only have 10 Minutes Steve am I right in thinking Here we didn’t add oil at all yeah I Know this is Indian fish food but we Want to make this very beneficial for Blood flow and just for bodily functions So in essence it’s gonna be lower in Calories and it’s going to be more based Around high nutrition and high fiber Foods and Steve I thought this was the Happy pear Cooking Channel why we what Are we talking about menopause now okay

So no okay so um we just partnered up With the senior consultant gynecologist And you’ve got pretty easy with jack off And we have created our happy menopause Course because many people Um are have to go through menopause and Often experience really difficult Symptoms and it doesn’t have to be that Way so this course is all about holding People’s hands demystifying practical Lifestyle Solutions including diet and We’ve well obviously we’re not doctors Or dietitians we’re chefs so we’ve Written all the recipes in the meal Plans according to Dr nitu and Nutritionist rohini pacheco’s Information so it’s cool so check it out So anyway back to the recipe base veg What’s in our basement so I fried off Our onion our coconut is starting to Smell you know that the coconut is kind Of ready and you’re ready to as your Next ingredient as as it starts to smell You’ll really smell the kind of Caramelization of the coconut or brown Sugar you get this a little bit brown Sugar though yeah I’ve gone with half a Red chili I’ve left the seeds in because Dave thinks he’s hard oh Well odd was that a blow yeah oh like I Think the simple thing of like toasting Coconuts so normally you avoid coconut Milk Um when you’re cooking for healthier

Menopause dishes because saturated fat Can inhibit blood flow but by using Descended coconut we’re getting that Coconut but with the fiber intact and it Has that sweet delicious note now I know You’re wondering how are the labs gonna Do a 10 minute Biryani because rice Takes 40 minutes to cook and I’m sure They use them take out their magic Oh my goodness Pre-cooked brown rice oh my goodness What an incredible invention thank you To everyone that’s super value thank you Thank everybody so we’re just gonna add These in boom in it goes oh this got Some seed through too cool okay so That’s pre-cooked so what we want to do Is we want to add some moisture in so it Starts steaming it so I’m going to add In probably about 50 mL of vegetable Stock Vegetable stock yeah and then we’re Gonna pop a lid on that just to steam it So with Biryani typically the rice is Really light and fluffy and we really Want to create moisture in between that While that’s happened I got a pack Choy I’ve just given it a good rinse we grew This on our own farm so I’m just going To dice well nature grow it on the farm We just planted us yeah and that’s after The environments so while we’re steaming The rice here I’m going to pop in our Pak Choy that’s just been sliced and

This is going to be lovely steamed as Well I’ll add in another bit of water Probably another 50 mL of our veg stock And this is really just as I put a lid On it it turns the whole thing into it Heats via Steam and as I’ve mentioned Before Um heat conducts much better through Water than just through air and that’s Why steaming kind of cooks things a lot Quicker and you’re using moisture rather Than there okay quickly the radiator to Serve with I’ve got one Carton tin it’s a 500 mL um carton of Yogurt that’s soy yogurt what would you Call it tub tub yeah okay tub of yogurt Yeah okay you can comment down below What you would call a 500 male tub or Carved vessel container vassal Containing 500 we’re using soy yogurt is There any reason why we’re using soil Yeah because it’s lower in fat it’s got A very low saturated fat and we don’t Want something and soy is also really Beneficial for menopause Dr nitu really Encourages people together and often Recommends people to take two handfuls Per day yeah there’s lots of myths Around soy and people go oh my God it’s Soy are not like really bad for you or Whatnot but Soy is a bean and beans are Full of Fido Easterns that’s why using Soy yogurt here is really beneficial Instead of coconut or oat or any other

Type of non-dairy yogurt with two more Use and I always choose the the Non-fruit ones because they’re much Lower in sugar okay so that’s just a Natural one so it’s got a bag 10 grams Of mint I’m just taking it off the store Because the store can be quite fibrous And a little bit kind of sinewy okay You’re a wild man okay right time to add In some spices so we wanted to keep this We want to keep this reasonably Um accessible so we’re just using three Different spices allspice go again half A tablespoon allspice is going to bring That clove note and that kind of kind of Almost slightly aromatic note it which Is great and we’re gonna go in our dear Friend curry powder which is really an Amalgamation of about 10 different Spices and another thing another thing With menopause which Nito always says is Include lots of herbs and spices because They’re full of different antioxidants And phytonutrients which are really Beneficial for so Dave tell me about This course what’s the course called the Course is called happy menopause where Do I find more we find it it’s it’s Actually on our happy pair app it’s part Of our membership app and it’s with a Senior consultant gynecologist Dr Anita Pajako we’ve got a nutritionist rohini Pacheco there’s a module from a sleep Doctor there’s a bone surgeon just stuff

On supplementation during menopause and We do rest of these meal plans and Chopping this so it’s it’s really really Cool it is we’re so excited about it so There’s a link down below if you want to Learn more about it So the thing about Biryani is it’s got Lots of lentils and beans in it Certainly Um uh the Indian Feast foods which I’ve Eaten my ex-wife her mom is Indian and She cooked Biryani loads of times for me And it’s always got lots of lentils and Beans in it so I’ve added in our beans And our lentils I’m gonna add another Little bit of water here and steam again Steam is our friend and the veg stock is Great but this stage I’ve used nearly 500 mL of bad stock in total and the Rice is gonna absorb it all as we steam It and one top tip when you’re trying to Cook things quickly is to use foods that Have a concentrated source of flavored Out of time imbued in them so tamari Typically takes about two years to Produce I’m gonna put in about two and a Half so I go with three for sure go with Another little bit there we went with One tablespoon now we want to know three Tablespoons of tomatoes yep I’ve got our 10 grams of mint that’s Finely diced as you can do in your Little 10 minutes juice a half a lime That’s going to put a bit of acidity and


Then just to offset and to balance it And put a little bit of maple syrup how Fast yeah geez we’re getting all this in 10 minutes Biryani well there is two of Us and we did have all our ingredients So it might take you 15. and I could Take you 20. but it’s still a tasty Simple dinner it’s really healthy and Once again as I said including herbs and Spices are so important I’ve got some Fresh coriander also known as cilantro In North America Um Dave if I didn’t like coriander what Would I do uh you could use black Parsley you could use basil and make Sure and use the stalk of all these Fresh herbs because they’re really Really beneficial as well For 10 minutes Pretty good final things just to taste And season as always you want to make Sure you’ve got enough salt and black Pepper really really important no amount To fancy cooking will make up for an Under seasoned dish wow I think I didn’t think we do that that’s Delicious genuine that’s you could have A feast on that a little bit of magic it Really really is and Final Touch we’ve Got some pomegranate seeds which we’re Going to put on top and serve with it And they’re going to just look like Jules ladies and gentlemen Indian food In 10 minutes served with a mint where I

Eat a really really tasty I will plate It up and I’ll show you the final end And if you’re interested are happy Menopause course uh it really it’s just Come out it’s fantastic we’re so proud Of it you’re interested senior Consultant gynecologist yeah and if You’re interested or if you know a loved One or a partner or a mother that’s Interested as well you can buy it as a Gift and uh really really beneficial so Anyway thank you for watching and Obviously if you’re not going to treat The menopause this is super nourishing And healthy and delicious too so yeah We’re seeing a wonderful time and thanks For watching us today bye

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