Welcome to Epic vegan burrito in 10 Minutes this is so incredibly tasty First up let’s make our spicy mayo four Tablespoons of vegan mayo and a Tablespoon of cream chili powder pickle Some onions we have some one sliced Onion a little bit of pinch of salt half Vinegar half water that’s fried in our Oyster mushrooms a little bit of small Smoke pretty little bit of tamari and Some maple syrup they are They are next up guacamole with avocado With some red onion cherry tomato cumin Seed lime salt and black pepper refried Beans tuna beans with some cumin seeds Coriander ground coriand fresh coriander Some lime and salt and seasoned to taste I had to put it together with our um Spicy mayo refried beans guacamole or Mushrooms pickled red onions on top wrap This beauty up try to get a tight roll If you can and it’s just magnificent [Music]

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