Fresh & Crunchy | balance out the holidays #shorts

Happy healthy holiday tip day three of Seven which by the way on day seven We’re gonna be telling you something Very exciting but today we’re talking Fresh and crunchy which I know is kind Of counter-intuitive to the holiday Season because we all want to make Cookies which also has a time and a Place but what I have found is that Because so so many holiday parties are Abundant in Rich decadent delicious Foods everybody is usually very happy to Have something fresh and crunchy on the Table so what I love to do is cut up Some beautiful bright fresh and crunchy Vegetables put them on a small platter Place a bowl in the center and still That with store-bought hummus and then To make it feel homemade give it a Drizzle of extra virgin olive oil a Squish of fresh lemon a Sprinkle of Cumin and a Sprinkle of good quality sea Salt this is a very simple tip but I Think you will find it comes in handy Throughout the holiday season and don’t Forget to check back tomorrow for Healthy holiday tip number four

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