Fudgy Brownie Cookies | Easy + Delicious Christmas Baking

Hi lovelies It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas which in my kitchen means It is time for some Ultra decadent Ultra Delicious cookie recipe is and today I Am kicking things off with these Absolutely mouth-watering brownie Inspired cookies yes they are all the Deliciousness of brownies except in Cookie form what is not to love about That now for any of you brownie lovers Out there these cookies are going to be Your jam they have the perfect texture They’ve got the most beautiful shiny Crackly top and they are so worth every Minute of effort that you put into them So what I have on my stove is a double Boiler basically I’ve got about an inch Of water simmering away in a small Saucepan and on top of that I’ve got a Heat proof glass bowl and I’ve just gone Ahead and added seven ounces of chopped Chocolate to my bowl I’m using Semi-sweet in this recipe but you could Just as easily use dark if you wanted to And I’m also going to add some butter to That Now the reason we use a double boiler Method for things like melting chocolate Is because you want to melt your Chocolate over really gentle heat if you Cook it over direct heat you have a very Good chance of burning it chocolate Actually Burns really easily so we want To use a nice gentle heat and a double

Boiler is the perfect way to do that and All I’m going to do is let those Ingredients melt together stirring them Frequently over very gentle heat until They are completely mixed I know any Recipe that starts with butter and Chocolate together you know has got a Lot of potential am I right now it Really only takes a few minutes for the Magic to happen here you’ll notice very Quickly that that butter and chocolate Melt together to become one incredibly Delicious concoction Just as soon as your chocolate mixture Is completely smooth you can turn off The heat and now I’m going to turn my Attention to mixing up my dry Ingredients So for the dry ingredients in this Recipe I am starting with one cup of All-purpose flour in my bowl and to that I am going to add three tablespoons of Cocoa powder for even more chocolatey Goodness a little bit of baking powder And some salt as well I’m going to whisk this all together and Get it really nicely mixed up This also gives me a chance to sort of Break up any clumps that are in my cocoa Powder so everything’s nice and smooth I’m just going to stir that together Until it’s well combined and then I’ll Just set my dry mixture aside while I Get to work on mixing up my wet

Ingredients now in my large mixing bowl Here I am starting with two eggs and to That I’m going to add three quarters of A cup of granulated sugar and a half a Cup of brown sugar in my humble opinion All of the best cookie recipes use a Combination of white and brown sugar White sugar gives you a really nice Texture where of course brown sugar has That touch of molasses that’s so super Flavorful so you always want to use both If you can I’m also going to add a nice Splash of vanilla to this vanilla Extract helps to enhance all of the Flavors around it and it just makes Things that are chocolate extra Delicious and then I’m going to get in Here with my hand mixer and give it a Good whirl I like to do this for at least three to Four minutes you want this to sort of Get some air into it to make it nice and Light and fluffy that’s going to give You the best sort of crackle effect on Top of your brownie cookies All right so once we’ve given that a Nice thorough mix it’s time to add our Chocolate mixture to this look how Amazing that is Now I’ve let my chocolate mixture cool Just ever so slightly so that it doesn’t Scramble my eggs and I’m just going to Mix that together until it’s well Combined

And then our last step is just going to Be stirring in our dry ingredients And you’ll see very quickly what you end Up with is this nice brownie cookie Dough oh my gosh guys it smells so Chocolatey and so delicious it is Already irresistible All right so our final step before Baking is just going to be forming our Cookies and I’m going to be doing that Today with my giant ice cream scoop I Want these cookies to be nice and big I’m actually going to be giving these Away as gifts so in my world when it Comes to cookies the bigger the better And I’m just going to go ahead and scoop My cookies out onto my parchment lined Baking sheet I want to make sure that They have a little bit of space to Spread out during the cooking process And then I’ll get these into the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 12 Minutes or so what you’re looking for is For the tops to be nice and shiny and This beautiful sort of crackle pattern To have been created on the tops of each Of your cookies Look how delicious these cookies are I May have made them enormous and I will Just let you know that I’m not sad about It now it’s important to remember that These cookies are going to be really Soft when coming out of the oven so You’ll want to let them cool on that

Baking sheet for at least 10 to 15 Minutes before transferring them the Final step is just going to be adding Some flake sea salt to the top you can Skip this step if you want to but in my Opinion chocolate and sea salt were just Born to be together also it makes them Look so pretty don’t be shy with the sea Salt friends And honestly guys what you have here are Some of the tastiest cookies you will Ever try they are so soft and chewy and Chocolatey and fudgy and delicious and Best served with a giant glass of milk They are an absolutely must try look at That texture honestly Everything you love about a brownie Except in a cookie Guys I hope you’ll get these cookies a Try for yourselves and that you love Them as much as I do if you do give them A try be sure to tweet me Instagram me Or Facebook me a photo because you know How much I love seeing your Kitchen Creations remember this recipe like all Of my recipes is featured on my website The domesticgeek.com you can find the Full written recipe Linked In the Description box below and finally if you Haven’t already be sure to subscribe Because there is lots more deliciousness Where this came from Cookie deliciousness

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