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Hi lovelies with cold and flu season Fast approaching I wanted to share with You one of my very favorite chicken soup Recipes that is just loaded with good For you ingredients and guaranteed to Soothe your soul it’s super hearty and Comforting but comes together in less Than 30 minutes on the stove so there’s Just so much to love Speaking of a lot to love I wanted to Remind you guys that I have some amazing Ebooks available over on my website the including my 30 minute Meals ebook that is just packed with Awesome recipes that can all be prepared Of course in under 30 minutes I hope You’ll check them out I’ve linked them In the description box below where you Can find them on the Now without further Ado let’s talk about This absolutely amazing soup Now guys when it comes to cold and flu Season this soup is your new secret Weapon it is full of good for you Ingredients that are sure to cure with Elsia now to get started I’ve got my Nice big Soup pot heating up over medium High heat and I’m just going to go ahead And add a little oil to that Now guys if you have not yet invested in One of these amazing enameled cast iron Soup pots I highly recommend you do it’s One of the best kitchen Investments you Will ever make and you don’t have to

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Spend a ton of cash on it I know there Are some that are available that are Hundreds of dollars I never spend that Kind of money on my kitchenware this one I think I got maybe for 60 or 70 dollars I’ve got a couple of my favorite soup Pots like this Linked In the description Box below you can take a look for them There if you’re interested now that my Oil is nice and hot I’m just going to go Ahead and add my onion to the pan some Celery and some carrot Basically it’s the base for every great Soup that you love And we’re just gonna let those veggies Cook away for say three to five minutes Just until they’re nice and soft and That celery has turned bright green now It’s time to get even more cold fighting Goodness into this soup and we’re going To do that with some garlic I’ve got Three minced cloves here you can cut That down if you want to or add more if You want to it’s totally your call I’ll let that garlic cook up for another 30 seconds or so just until it’s nice And fragrant and then I’m going to add My chicken to the pot so I’m using some Cooked rotisserie chicken here that I Just pulled off the bone this is a Perfect recipe for any leftover chicken You may have if you are using fresh Chicken in this recipe you’ll just want To go ahead and poach your chicken until

It’s fully cooked in your broth then you Can remove it chop it up or shred it and Then get it back into the pot Now instead using noodles or rice or Potatoes to help make this soup more Filling today I’m actually using white Beans so these are canned white kidney Beans also known as cannellini beans That I’ve just rinsed and drained and I’m going to add them right into my soup What I love about white beans like this Is that they are packed with both fiber And protein so you’re getting additional Nutrition on top of all of that great Filling texture so there’s so much to Love next I’m going to go in and just Pour over my broth So I’m using a really nice quality Chicken broth if you’ve got homemade Broth of course that is the most Nutritious broth that you can get but Store-bought will definitely work here I Will fully admit I’m using store-bought Here so I do not judge we make life as Easy as we possibly can especially if You have kids like I do there is no Being a hero you just do what you can do Am I right It’s gonna give this a good stir to get Everything nicely combined then I’m Going to add two more ingredients that Are just gonna pump up the flavor Factor Even more in this soup starting with a Parmesan rind this is basically the end

Piece that’s left over after you’ve Grated a wedge of Parmesan I always Leave these in my fridge or my freezer Until I’m making a nice big soup like This because they add so much flavor so I’m just gonna pop my parmesan Ryan Right into my pot like that I am also going to be adding a bay leaf Here I’m using a fresh bay leaf but you Could also use dried if that’s easier to Find it’s totally up to you it’s going To help impart even more amazing flavor On this soup I just want to bring this mixture to a Nice rolling boil and then we’re going To reduce our heat to medium pop a lid On our pot and let it simmer away for Maybe 15 or 20 minutes that’s honestly All it takes for the flavors in this Soup to really come together like I said This is a really quick cooking soup so It’s super super perfect for weeknights Might I just say that my entire kitchen Smells absolutely divine right now there Is just nothing more satisfying than the Smell of a homemade chicken soup now as You can see over the last 15 to 20 Minutes lovely things have happened in This pot I’m going to go ahead and Remove my parmesan rind and my bay leaf And then add my finishing ingredients So the more nutrition we can add to this Soup the better especially when it comes To cold and flu season so I’m going to

Go ahead and add some chopped baby Spinach here if you had some kale or Some arugula or some chard instead all Of those would be great options I also want to add some nice Herby Flavor and I’m going to do that here With some fresh dill now traditionally You might add some parsley but I find Dill makes your chicken soup extra Delicious And then the final step is just going to Be brightening up all of these flavors With some lemon juice so this is a Little unusual in a chicken soup but Trust me once you try it you will not be Disappointed it adds a little bit of Tartness and just a little bit of Tang To the soup plus a really nice freshness That I think you will absolutely love And really guys it’s as simple as that You can season it up to taste with a Little salt and a little pepper and it Is ready to be enjoyed I recommend Serving it up fresh from the stove Piping hot with a nice piece of crusty French bread and butter and honestly it Is so super comforting and delicious I Hope you love it as much as I do if you Give it a try for yourself don’t forget To tweet me Instagram me or Facebook me A photo because you know how much I love Seeing your Kitchen Creations remember This recipe like all of my recipes is Available on our

Amazing meal planning site that allows You to browse more than a thousand Recipes drag and drop them into your Weekly meal plan and then automatically Generate grocery list for the week how Easy is that thank you as always so much For watching and if you haven’t already Be sure to subscribe because there is Lots more deliciousness where this came From


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