Healthy Holiday Tips #shorts

Tis the season to be jolly and I even Wore my holiday lipstick because today Is day one of our seven day healthy Holiday tip countdown and my friends on Day seven I have a very exciting very Special announcement so I hope that you Follow along now in my humble opinion The holidays are a time of year to enjoy And to celebrate and to Feast so instead Of setting unrealistic expectations for Yourself when you are at your holiday Parties choose a simple habit that you Can focus on when you are at home a Habit that supports your health wellness And or weight goals for me I love to Choose one meal a day that is Veggie Heavy and that can be as simple as Making a great big salad or your Favorite vegetable based soup personally I love this broccoli stem soup and this Minestrone soup but I would love to hear Your favorite vegetable based meal down In the comments below and don’t forget To check back in tomorrow for healthy Holiday tip number two

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