Hearty Lentil Stew - Menopause friendly

Yeah sorry I haven’t been here for a While I was very busy Welcome to our hearty lentil skew this Is a banging delicious yummy nourishing Recipe okay and this is a recipe for Menopause so you might go quite a big Blanket statement there why do two men Can talk about menopause so we partnered With a senior consultant gynecologist Dr Anita pajeko and we’ve created a course Called the happy menopause course our Role and it is nothing to do with the Medical aspect but purely to do with the Recipes as chefs so today we’re going to Share with you this wonderful hearty Lentil stew takes 30 minutes to make Feeds four to six people and I feed six People it’s super nourishing and I’m Gonna tell you why it’s good for Everything as we go along okay first Step you got a big pause and I’m gonna Pop it on a high heat we are not gonna Cook with oil why is that Dave yeah We’re not gonna cook with oil because uh Oil is unwanted unnecessary calories and In this context of this dish we really Don’t need it okay so Pan’s nice and Hard non-stick pan no oil we’re adding In two red onions so these are large Onions or else four small ones you’ve Diced them nice and fine and you can use Whatever color on your lunch we’ve just Got red here because that was what we Have okay coconut oil is brilliant

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Because it means that you use much less Calories oil is the most calorific dense Substance of in terms of foods that we Eat it’s 8 000 calories per kilo so even In a tablespoon you’ve got 120 calories So by leaving it out it just means it’s Lower in calories and leaves more space For all the nutrition and it’s easier to Wash your batteries too just make sure You’ve got a non-stick pan You can still get Brownie and Caramelization just like this as you can See here A friend of ours always says That by cutting out all you’ll likely Cut out 2 000 calories out of your diet Per week and to burn 2 000 calories you Would have to run a little bit under a Whole marathon every week so there you Go okay next we have four cloves of Garlic we find chop them nice and fine They went in later because garlic just Cooks quicker than onion and then we’ve Got four carrots we’ve done this kind of Medium Dice and if you don’t if you if You’re quite sensitive to garlic just Use less be playing four just because we Really like it I’m gonna put in a Teaspoon of salt it’s just gonna help Break down the cell walls of the carrot With the leek just make sure to give it A good clean because it’s got a great Funnel that’ll just catch loads of soil Just give it a good clean inside Okay so We’ve added a leek and I’m just going to

Turn this from frying to steaming I’m Gonna add in about four tablespoons of Water And we’re just going to pop the lid on It and that’s going to steam away and Veg cook a lot quicker when you steam Them because uh water conducts Temperature much better than air does Did you know Okay so veg have steamed away nice Little bit of cooking going on there Time to add our lentils 500 grams pop Them in and these are fantastic because They really just make things lovely and One they’re adding protein they’re Adding legumes Um beans and legumes are wonderful to Help in balancing hormones yeah they’re High in phytoestrogens and particularly During the menopause phase and they help Balance uh phytoestrogens so they’re High in estrogens and are really Beneficial the fiber is beneficial too We’re also going to add a liter of water As well liter veg stock and a literal Vegetable oil so Dr nitu says that beans Soya and legumes all these are super High in fiber and they also have Phytoestrogens and during menopause your Eastern levels drop so these phytoe Streams really help minimize the Symptoms of hot flushes and also beans The highest source of fiber in our diet And fiber is very beneficial for

Minimizing menopause symptoms as well So we’ve allowed that to cook with the Lid on it for about 20 minutes just Because what we really want is that the Lentils break down now we want to do is We want to take the lid off allow lots Of the steam to evaporate and we’re Going to add in a lot more body to this Turn from a soup to a stew and what’s Wonderful is the actual lentils break Down and they release their starch which Thickens the dish and makes it just look Such a belly hole as you meant to Legumes and beans are super good for Bouncing hormones so we have some cooked Or tinned brown brown lentils and we Have a tin of chickpeas to go into yeah So that’s that’s 500 grams of mixed Beans We’re gonna go in with them some of this Stuff some of my favorite black sauce It’s called Samari we’re gonna go with Three sauce and in case you’re wondering Tomorrow is a wheat-free soy sauce That’s been aged for longer and oh Barrels are you sponsored by tomorrow no But if anyone’s watching and would like To invite us to your tamari Farm we Would happily wear swimming talks and a Swimming hat and go swim here tomorrow But that party would be very hygienic But anyway we’re only having a laugh Okay but we’re not really if you do Anything okay one

So these are only small tablespoons let Me go for it okay two tablespoons of Just a medium curry powder obviously Season it to your heart’s content but Again this is just going to bring more Biodiversity more variety of nutrients Which is really important for just and One of the great things Nieto says in Terms of uh menopause is lots of herbs And spices so on that note we have some Cherry tomatoes okay another doesn’t Hurt this place but we do have some Coriander also known as cilantro and if You don’t like coriander or cilantro you Could add in basil or parsley or thyme Or any of these fresh herbs or spices So I’ve got one pack toy just to go First this was grown on our farm So just chop your bok choy the stalk of It can be nice and juicy but you’re Better off chopping into nice kind of Thin slices and the leaves try to keep Them kind of longer And take your coriander or herb of Choice and make sure to use the stalk of It like if it’s a coriander or basil Stalks great to incorporate We’re gonna do women a little bit of Black pepper I do love black pepper in The back of the throat okay juice of Half a lime just bring a bit of acidity Just to cut through all these lentils And add a bit of Vibrance that you Caught the top of this dish uh final

Thing just taste it and balance it to Your own palette so we’re going to put a Little bit more salt use acid use black Pepper and use kind of spices you can Put in aromatic spices such as cinnamon Cardamom star and yeast if you really Want turkey clove but basic things salt Black pepper and some degree of acid Whether it be lime lemon juice orange Juice just something to cut through and If you’re worried about sodium levels a Low sodium to marry will do just as Wonderful a job but just before we Finish this just acknowledge I know We’re a pair of man literally a pair of Man and talking about menopause people Might go well what right do you Lads Have and it’s like absolutely but I Think it’s more important that everyone Has a conversation about menopause and Menopause is brought more to light in General the more men that understand it The more supporting they can be to the Women their lives that are going through So I’m saying that there we go I’m Having menopause course is wonderful it Really really is and I’ll put a link Down below to check it out yeah and it’s Not just with Dr needu there’s rohini Nutritionist there’s um Dr chairman Newman who just made supplements as a Sleep doctor there’s bone surgeon bone Surgeon talking about bone density so And then it’s also obviously with the

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Recipes and meal plans so really really Good so here is our hearty lentil stew Sourdough bread and I’m going to serve Again with some sauerkraut a little bit Of sauerkraut very tasty dish this is Like a belly hug it really is and um Yeah it just tastes really deeply Nourishing the link will be down below Too if you want to go check out the link For the written recipe so do check that Out and if you haven’t subscribed to our Channel we’d love you to subscribe to it To Steven’s Channel and now I’m back in It too so I guess we could call it our Channel thanks now for watching lots of Love bye

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