Homemade Gummy Bears 2 Ways – Jello vs. Real Fruit!

Foreign [Music] Welcome to the channel if you’re new or If you’re not I am so glad you’re here Today we’re making homemade gummy bears A couple years ago I made homemade gummy Worms as a part of my DIY dirt cups and You guys love them highly recommend Checking it out if you haven’t yet and This time I wanted to do Gummy Bears We’re making them two ways one using Classic Jello and another using fruit And gelatin so you can skip the Processed products if preferred first We’re gonna make Jello gummies Start by pouring flavored Jello Unflavored gelatin packets and water Into a saucepan and whisk to combine I Made two flavors to get two colors Berry Blue for blue and raspberry flavor for Red regardless of the flavor allow the Mixture to sit at room temperature for Five to ten minutes to thicken adding Gelatin to the jello is what helps turn The product from a jiggly Jello into a Delicious gummy texture once it’s Thickened heat the mixture over medium Low heat whisking continuously until Fully melted and dissolved around 2 Minutes remove from the Heat and Transfer the mixture into silicone gummy Bear molds or your silicone molds of Choice you can of course use any molds It doesn’t have to be Bears I will link

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These molds below not sponsored they are From Amazon the filled molds go into the Refrigerator until set which will only Take about 15 to 20 minutes and then you Can enjoy the big reveal by popping your Gummy bear candies out from the the mold It’s a little nerve-wracking at first But it’s really fun the molds are small So be careful but they actually pop out Pretty easily I found that separating The jello from the sides of the mold and Then popping from the bottom of the feet Up to the top of the head worked best be Patient because there are a lot of them But it is worth the wait and they are Ready to enjoy right away these taste Well like gummy bears classically sweet And chewy they do not taste like jello Okay so yes Jello flavor but the texture Is not Jello e it is a gummy texture Which is what makes it so cool these are Best stored in the refrigerator in an Airtight container for a week or you can Just leave them in the molds and cover Them popping them out as you’d like to Enjoy yum alright next up I am going to Be making homemade gummy bears using Real fruit instead of flavored Jello Which means if you want gummy bears Without any dye or other added Ingredients this one is for you start by Blending your fruit in a blender or food Processor for red I did strawberry and For blue which is really more like

Purple I had a mix of blueberries and Blackberries you want to let your fruit Blend up until it’s really smooth super Pureed then you want to strain your Mixture so you’re left with a Juice It Might still be an opaque puree more than A juice and that’s fine but you don’t Want it to be too thick I actually had To strain the blueberry one twice Because of all the seeds and skins and a Saucepan over a medium low heat add your Strained juice and sweetener of choice I Just used regular granulated sugar today But any sugar or sweetener will work Once dissolved add the unflavored Gelatin whisk the mixture constantly Over the heat for about two to three Minutes until the gelatin and sugar have Both completely dissolved just like the Other gummy bears pour your mixture into Silicone molds and refrigerate until Chilled and set just the same pop these Babies out allow them to pull away from Your Silicone mold and then give them a Pop it is a really satisfying these Actually came out really easily as well Uh you don’t need to spray the trays a Lot of online recipes spray their gummy Trays before setting I tried this out And I thought it made for a slippery Oily gummy bear so it worked for me Without spray and I don’t recommend Spraying them so these are super Satisfying and tasty they still have a

Really nice color naturally no dye Required and you’re in control of the Sugar content feel free to use a little Bit less or more if you’d like Flavor Wise these taste completely different Than the jello ones but they’re still Delicious I actually think our team Preferred the taste of these they’re Plenty sweet but they have a natural Fruit flavor that is Tangy and Refreshing and they’re still a gummy Texture versus Jello I think these ones Were a little softer than the jello Gummies so I’d say the jello gummy bears Are more like a traditional gummy bear Texture but I think I personally Preferred the natural fruit texture Super cool which kind of gummy bears are You most excited to try they are both Really tasty in their own way you really Can’t go wrong I hope you’ll give these A try both of these recipes are linked In the description below for easy access Thank you so much for being here I will Be back soon with another Halloween Focused video and remember it’s all a Matter of Mind Over munch [Music] Thank you

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