How To Avoid Overeating at Holiday Parties #shorts

Today we are chatting about not falling Into the Trap of trying to not eat all Day so that you can enjoy what you want To eat at your holiday party this is Very often a recipe for overeating so Instead choose a protein packed snack to Enjoy before you head to the party Something small that’s not going to ruin Your appetite but that’s also going to Satiate you so when you get to the party You can make a clear intentional Decision about what you’d like to enjoy A few of my favorites are Greek yogurt With fresh fruit over the top turkey and Arugula Roll-Ups I really love to stick A pickle right in the middle or keep it Really simple and just grab a handful of Nuts what’s your favorite protein packed Snack let me know down in the comments Below and I’ll see you back tomorrow for A healthy holiday tip number five

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