How To Stay Grounded During The Holidays #shorts

I hear those sleigh bells Ringling I am Completely joking I promise you I’m not Gonna do that every single day but Welcome back to day two of our seven day Healthy holiday tip countdown and on day Seven we have a very special Announcement but today we’re talking About grounding in the holidays can be Very stressful and hectic for many of us And I don’t know about you but a lot of Times when I’m not feeling grounded I Like to snack so instead I practice this Very simple morning routine I pour my Favorite cup of coffee maybe for you It’s tea then I write down one thing I’m Grateful for and five reasons why from There I dump out every single thing in My brain that I think needs to happen That day and then I ask myself what is Now and what is next this helps me start My day feeling clear and grounded and Accuse me out of the snack drawer I’ll See you back here tomorrow with healthy Holiday tip number three


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