Imagine yourself feeling so much energy Feeling so confident in your body Cooking delicious healthy food Consistently and having a tribe of People to support you and held your hand Most people know what it is to be Healthy but they struggle to do it and That’s why our new app is out to support You to be healthier and happier what’s In the app amazing stuff and most Importantly the support there to hold Your hand there’s lives for me and Steve There’s courses by experts there’s yoga There’s work at this hundreds of recipes It’s awesome and it’s going to help you Feel so much better so much healthier And happier and really lead you on this Journey to become an even happier Shinier version of yourself so click the Link below wow yo dudes welcome to a 15 Minute Indian feast So we’re gonna make a Punjabi lobia Which is a black eyed Bean Curry really Simple nice and aromatic we’re gonna Cook it with some whole spices we’re Gonna serve out a mango Chuck need some Flatbreads we’re gonna pickle some red Onions and chilies to go with it so First step we’re going to start by Pickling a red onion so slice your red Onions into half Moons so we’re gonna Pick them up and pop them into a glass I’m gonna take one red chili and slice That up too and pickle that along with


It And they go pinch of salt So I’m gonna go with half a cup of apple Cider vinegar let’s fill it up half with Vinegar up the remainder in the water And just to make it a tiny little bit Kind of take the edge off whatever so It’s like you’re going to put a little Bit of maple syrup just take a bottom of Spin and just give it a little mix just So it all You want to make sure it’s all submerged And we’re just going to leave that to Soak or to pickle for about 10 minutes While we make our Punjabi lobia okay so We have a wide bottom non-stick pan and High heat I’m going to take out some Whole seeds and we’re going to just Toast them nicely so teaspoon of cumin Seed half a teaspoon of cardamom pods I Love cardamom really aromatic and a Teaspoon of coriander seeds so we’re Going to toast these just until the Cumin seeds start to pop I’m gonna just Oh that was fun wasn’t it so the Cardamom pods will start to pop like Popcorn so just turn it off as the cumin Seeds start to pop because we don’t want Them to go too dark because they go Bitter turn it off take your pestle and Mortar you don’t have to have a huge one Like mine Foreign I find it hard not to say the innuendos

You don’t necessarily have to do this But typically there’s all these little Details with cooking that tend to stack Up to get make the difference between Good and great just going to take some Of the cardamom skins out just because They’d be a little bit fibrous Okay so I’ve got a little bit of oil in The pan I’m gonna go with a better Tablespoon and a half take your Scallions this is our based veg we grew These on our farm And they go So cook that down in a medium Heat We’re going to prep our garlic and Ginger and chili to just our base stock So I’ve got about half a thumb size Piece of ginger Two cloves of garlic in they go as they Cook down leave some cherry tomatoes Again from the farm So pop them into the pan Nice pinch of salt in with them to draw That moisture out and just spread them Around the pan Foreign Okay time to start building up this dish I’ve won tin of our lobia that’s our Black eyed beans I’ve drained and rinsed Them and I’ve One Tin of black beans Just to add more variety to them So I’ve got one and a half tablespoons Of turmeric I’ve got kind of a third of a teaspoon

Of chili powder obviously if you don’t Like it leave it out one and a half Teaspoons of garam masala that’ll bring A nice aromatic no to it half a teaspoon Of black pepper and I’m going to take All our grain spices and then they go And just mix it through Okay time to bring this dish together I’ve got one tin of chopped tomatoes That’s 400 grams and I have one full tin Of coconut milk Okay while that’s cooking then I’m just Gonna start to bring this dish together I’ve got a little bit of large leaf Spinach from the farm I’m just going to Take off the green leaves just rip them Up roughly Just help the nutrient composition of This dish traditionally coriander would Be used and but I’m going to use just Our local farm grown spinach Foreign Mango chutney just for that just sweet Kind of Jammy little texture that will Just add another dimension to this dish So I’ve gone with about one tablespoon I Went with three teaspoons there just mix That through I’m gonna go with a little Pinch of salt just before I start to Season it because then I want to eat it And we’re gonna go with a little bit of Lime Mmm wow A lot of flavor okay we’re gonna make a

Cucumber red onion and chili pickle so With our cucumbers we want to go with Kind of longish strips and let’s grab Our pickles [Music] And just keep your pickling brine you Can use that again Okay we got a couple of vegan ham breads Naan breads look great beautiful really Really tasty okay time to serve our Dish As with any face presentation is Important I’m gonna put the big belt into the Middle Chop our anans Maybe voila is incorrect I’m not sure How to say voila in Punjabi uh Raj is Our friend he’s from chandigar so Punjabi so this is in honor of you Raj Darling Um genuinely this is It’s beautiful Like really elegant really smooth like There’s a lovely sweetness but then There’s a bit of acid coming through Like it’s really well balanced beautiful Beautiful Curry that pickle I think goes Great a little bit of pickle And there you are anyway sorry [Music] Pickles will be true Might be a bit spicy but surely pretty Nice Um

Anyway oh that’s hot [Laughter] Um I’m not very good with spice [Laughter] Um Okay thank you for watching this thanks And Mel for being part of this channel As we said in the intro our app is out We’re so excited about it linked down Below to learn more and wish me a Wonderful day and if you do make this Please tag us on social media because It’s always lovely to see new coconut Recipes Cheerio bye

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