Loaded Mac & Cheese | Easy & Delicious Fall Comfort Food

Hi lovelies I don’t know about you but I Find as the weather cools down during The Autumn months I can’t help but crave Some serious comfort food and today I am Satisfying that craving with this Ultra Delicious and Ultra decadent loaded mac And cheese So this is all the yumminess of a Classic mac and cheese except amped up With the toppings from a loaded baked Potato like crumbled bacon sour cream And green onion this is the perfect dish To make on a lazy weekend when you’ve Got a little extra time and it does feed A crowd so if you have some guests Coming over it might be the perfect way To indulge Now to get started I’m going to be Cooking up my pasta so I’ve got some Water boiling and I’m just going to go Ahead and add my pasta to the water and Let it cook according to package Directions I’ve opted for macaroni here But you can honestly use any type of Pasta you want in this recipe pretty Much anything you have in your pantry Will do once my pasta is cooking I’m Going to turn my attention to my skillet I’ve got this heating up over medium High heat and the first step is going to Be cooking up some bacon so obviously When you’re talking about a loaded mac And cheese the first ingredient you Think about is bacon so we’re going to

Start by cooking up some chopped bacon In our Skillet until it’s nice and brown And crispy now you can really add as Much or as little bacon here as you want To I’ve got six slices that I’ve chopped Up and I’m just going to let that cook Away until it’s nice and brown and Crispy and then I’m going to use a Slotted spoon to remove my bacon from The pan I’ll transfer it to a plate and Set it aside now one of the most Important parts of this recipe is Preserving all that bacony goodness in The pan so we are actually going to be Using the Bacon Fat to cook up our Delicious creamy cheesy mac and cheese Sauce so I’ve got about two tablespoons Of bacon fat in My Pan and to that I’m Going to add a little bit of butter and I’m just going to let that melt down You’ll want to make sure your heat is no Higher at this point than medium low to Medium because otherwise everything will Just squirt and it will not be a good Situation And just as soon as that butter is Melted we’re going to go ahead and add Some flour to this now the flour is What’s going to help us create this nice Rich thick creamy cheese sauce but it’s Really important once that flour hits The pan to keep it moving so you’re Going to want to whisk this mixture Constantly for about a minute or so

We’re just sort of trying to cook off That flowery taste and create what’s Called a roux and a roux is basically Just a combination of fat and flour and Those two things become the thickening Agent that’s going to get your sauce Nice and Rich and thick and delicious At this point I’m going to go ahead and Slowly start to add my milk it’s Important while you’re adding your milk To whisk so that it gets fully Incorporated with that flour and fat Mixture And you’ll notice almost instantly as That milk heats up it starts to turn Into this really thick lovely velvety Sauce next it’s time to add some flavor To this so here I’m using a little bit Of paprika not smoked paprika just Regular sweet paprika is fine and some Garlic powder we’re going to whisk that In until it’s well Incorporated And just as soon as it’s combined I know It’s time to add my cheese to this now This is one of those places in life I Always recommend adding cheese that you Have shredded yourself so the shredded Cheese that you buy at most supermarkets Is great for things like tacos or to put On top of pasta what not but it’s not Ideal for something like mac and cheese Because it’s got these sort of additives That help it not Clump together and Those additives don’t make for a really

Nice texture in your Mac and Cheese what You want is a nice big chunk of sharp Cheddar cheese that you’re going to Shred yourself and I’m just going to Stir that constantly until the cheese is Completely melted needless to say as I’m Sure you guys can imagine this sauce is Super cheesy and super delicious and Ready for our pasta to be added okay so I’ve reduced my heat to low I’ve drained My pasta and now it’s time to just Transfer it right into my cheese sauce And we’re just going to stir this until All of that pasta is coated in that Incredible cheese sauce As you can see it was not shy with my Cheese and I’m also not sad about it We’ve got Ultra creamy Ultra cheesy mac And cheese here And I’m just going to add one more Ingredient before it’s ready to serve Now because we are making loaded mac and Cheese we of course need some sour cream To complement all that yummy bacon and The cheese and the green onions I know it’s like how could it possibly Get any richer and then you see the sour Cream get at it and you’re like oh it Actually it actually can get richer once That sour cream is all mixed in this Yumminess is ready to serve and trust me You will be ready to eat That is a 10 out of 10 out of 10. it’s So good

It’s exactly what you want on a cold Fall day I recommend topping it with some of that Amazing bacon a little more shredded Cheddar cheese some more sour cream and Some freshly chopped green onion don’t Forget the green onion hair it really Makes it extra incredible As my daughter L would say easy peasy Mac and cheesy Guys I hope you love this super Indulgent recipe as much as I do and That you will give it a try for Yourselves if you do don’t forget to Tweet me Instagram me or Facebook me a Photo because you know how much I love Seeing your Kitchen Creations this Recipe like all of my recipes is Available on the domesticgeek.com and Linked In the description box below so You can find the full written recipe With all the measurements and Ingredients there thank you guys as Always so much for watching and finally If you haven’t already be sure to Subscribe because there is lots more Deliciousness where this came from

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