Welcome to Harley lentil stew a Delicious nourishing stew that is so Wholesome and great for anyone who’s Gone through the menopause non-stick pan On a high heat I’m adding in two red Onions finely chopped fry them down with No oil I’m adding in three cloves of Garlic two carrots finely chopped a Decent pinch of salt finely chop a leek We’re gonna add four tablespoon of water And put a lid on we’re gonna steam them For four minutes add in 500 grams of red Lentils two liters of veg stock and Bring to the boil till the lentil start To break down adding in 150 grams of Cooked chickpeas and cooked whole Lentils three tablespoons of tamari two Tablespoons of curry powder mix it all Together I’ve chopped 10 cherry tomatoes In half I’ve added them along with Chopped Pak Choy and a small bunch of Fresh coriander to really bulk up the Fresh herbs A bit of black pepper squeeze a lime Some final salt and Seasonings and there It is a delicious nourishing hearty Lentil stew so wholesome do check it out There’s a Lincoln bio for it it’s a Recipe as part of a hackers which we’d Love you to check out if you’re Interested

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