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So I recently asked what type of recipes You all wanted to see for the holiday Season and so many of you said pie so Today I am sharing a clean and delicious Version of one of my personal favorites And I am making a chocolate cream pie Stuffed with a chocolate avocado pudding In a graham cracker crust and topped With fresh whipped cream and yes you can Also make this recipe vegan I will share Those tips throughout the video as well This really is a very simple very fun Recipe plus it makes a great talking Piece as you try to get your friends and Family to guess what the secret Ingredient is delightful now for the Graham cracker crust you can buy these Pre-made at the grocery store if you Wanted to skip the step of making it Yourself but they really are very simple To make all you need is one and a half Cups of graham cracker crumbs which is Going to be about 11 to 12 sheets of Graham crackers two tablespoons of Coconut sugar and then six tablespoons Of melted butter personally I always try To look for an organic pasture butter When possible now if you needed to you Could also look for a gluten-free graham Cracker and if you want to keep this Recipe 100 vegan you can sub the butter With a plant-based butter substitute or You can use melted coconut oil just keep In mind that if you use the coconut oil

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It does give a little coconut undertone Flavor to the pie which I don’t mind at All but it’s just good to know so to Make the graham cracker crumbs I’m just Going to get my graham crackers into a Food processor and then you’re just Going to blend that up until they’re all Broken down and you have a nice fine Sand like texture like I have here then I’m going to transfer that into a bowl And I’m going to add the coconut sugar Gently toss the two of those together And then I will pour in the melted Butter and then just mix this until it’s All Incorporated and you’re gonna see You’re gonna end up with a wet sand like Texture it’s going to look like this Then I’m going to transfer this mixture Into a nine inch pie pan and you just Want to spread it out and then begin to Pat it down on the bottom of the pan and Then up the sides of the pan as well you Don’t have to push super hard you’re Just gently patting it down and you will See that these little crumbs begin to Stick together and then I like to just Use a spoon To come down at the base of my pie pan And press the crust into the round Corners Just like that remember this is a Homemade pie so we’re not looking for Perfection we’re just going to do the Best we can so once you’ve got your pie

Crust looking pretty good like I have Here it’s all distributed throughout the Pie pan then we are going to pop this in The refrigerator and let it chill while We make the filling for the pie it needs To be in there for at least 30 minutes This is a no-bake crust but that’s Plenty of time while you are making the Rest of the ingredients from here we Need to make the pudding the whipped Cream and the chocolate shavings that I Like to put on top of the pie so we’re Going to work backwards starting with The chocolate shavings and all of that Is is you’re going to take your favorite Chocolate bar I always keep this 72 Percent dark chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s in my pantry for recipes just like This and like when I want to make my Chocolate chunk cookies or some brownies And all I’m going to do is take my knife And thinly Shave the chocolate really you’re just Trying to cut it as thin as possible and It makes these nice fine shavings you Need about a half an ounce to an ounce Of chocolate and then we’re going to set That aside while we make the whipped Cream so this is just a very Straightforward technique you’re going To need one cup of organic pastured Heavy whipping cream and one tablespoon Of granulated sugar I am using monk Fruit for my whipped cream now keep in

Mind if you wanted to keep this recipe Plant-based you can sub in a coconut Whipped cream I’m not going to show you How to make that but I am going to link To a couple recipes for you down in the Description box below so you can swap That out if needed now I always like to Chill a metal Bowl so this bowl was in The freezer for about 30 minutes I’m Gonna pour my cold cream right into the Bowl along with my sweetener and then I’m just going to blend this up with a Hand mixer this usually takes anywhere Between two to three minutes and you’re Going to know that your whipped cream is Ready to go because it’s going to get Nice and thick and fluffy and delightful Okay so the whipped cream is done this Is going to sit in the refrigerator While we make the chocolate avocado Pudding yes there’s a few steps to this Recipe but they are very simple and it Moves pretty quickly so for our Chocolate avocado pudding it’s it’s so Delicious you need two perfectly ripe Avocados no pressure at all my friends Okay just two perfectly ripe avocados The way to see if your avocado is ripe Is to take your thumb and just gently Push on the skin of the avocado and it Should just gently give under your thumb If it is hard and it’s really hard to Push that means it’s not ripe enough if You push on it and your thumb goes right

Through it’s probably too ripe so we Really want avocados that are just Perfectly ripe because we need them to Be soft enough to break down in the Mousse and if they are not ripe enough You’re going to end up with little green Bits of avocado throughout your Chocolate pudding now my favorite way to Open an avocado is to lie it on my Cutting board I place my left hand over The top and then I slide the knife in Horizontally you’re going to feel it hit The pit and once it does you just gently Spin the avocado around the knife then You just give a little twist and it Opens up and the easiest way to remove The pit you have two options you can Take your knife and just gently tap the Top of the pit give it a little twist And it will pop right out but if you Don’t want to use the knife and you want To go super safe you can also just hold The avocado in your hand give it a Gentle squeeze and the pit should pop Right out I’m going to place the Avocados into my food processor which by The way you want to end up with Somewhere between 10 to 12 ounces of Avocado meat and I’m just going to Gently pulse that back and forth to Break the avocados down just a little Bit then I’m going to add a half a cup Of unsweetened cocoa powder you could Also do a cacao powder a quarter

Teaspoon of sea salt a third of a cup Maple syrup One teaspoon of vanilla extract and then This ingredient is optional but I love To also add a half a teaspoon of ground Espresso powder it just makes the flavor A little bit richer and it really Enhances that chocolate flavor then We’re gonna blend this up let it all Come together you may need to stop and Scrape down the sides and then just let It go again and you’re going to let it Blend until you have this nice thick Chocolate avocado mousse like I have Here see this texture so once I have it Here I want to thin it out a little bit Because I’m looking for more of a Pudding texture so I’m going to pour in A half a cup of unsweetened almond milk And blend that up one more time and see You’re going to end up with this texture Here which is more of a nice light Fluffy pudding so good okay so we have All of our components created now all we Have to do is assemble the pie so I have My chilled graham cracker crust and I am Just going to spoon in Our chocolate avocado pudding get it all In there and then just use a spatula to Even it out to the best you can nice and Even Steven then I’m going to take that Fresh whipped cream and put that over The chocolate avocado pudding and again We’re just going to smooth that out

Until it’s nice and even and then the Final step is to take that fresh shaved Chocolate and just sprinkle that right Over the top of the pie this is so Pretty and as someone who does not make Pie very often I am feeling extremely Proud of myself right now so from here We do have to let the pie chill before You slice into it because you want Everything to really kind of come Together and solidify a bit so when you Slice it it all stays together so you Want to chill it in the refrigerator for A minimum of three hours and up to 24 Hours and then when you’re ready to Serve it you want to keep the slices on The smaller side if you’ve ever made a Graham cracker crust before they can be A little bit bit crumbly especially the First piece or two so if you keep the Pieces fairly moderate I find that it’s A lot easier to get a slice of your pie Out in one piece just look at this pie It is light it’s fluffy it’s creamy it’s Decadent and it is so delicious this is Truly one of my favorite flavor Combos And I’m super excited for you to give it A try That is so good and if you’re looking For some more clean as delicious holiday Dessert inspiration you can check out my Mini pecan pies and my mini pumpkin pies They are both so good Cheers

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