Overcoming Binge Eating through Mindfulness

Foreign [Music] Welcome to the channel if you’re new or If you’re not I’m Alicia and I am so Glad you’re here the holidays are coming And I know that this can be a stressful Time in general it can be stressful with Family and with work and finances and For many of us it is a stressful time With food there are a lot of emotions That come with stress uh and binge Eating I found uh most often has an Emotional root I have done videos about How to approach and manage binge eating In the past so I will link those below If you want some more explicit ideas on How you can approach binge eating Struggles but today I just wanted to Offer a very simple nugget or bite for You to consider if you struggle with Binge eating and it really stems from Something that has changed my life over The last few years or so which is Mindfulness and mindfulness is quite Simply recognizing what is happening now In the present moment without judgment Our brains they tend to take us on Autopilot and it is a protective Mechanism but if left unchecked it can Keep us moving through life mindlessly Without awareness so we go through the Motions over and over and we might not Stop to actually check in with ourselves Autopilot will happen on its own it

Happens automatically right becoming Aware of what’s happening in the present Moment will not happen automatically it Only happens through conscious choice Now as it relates to binge eating binge Eating most often happens when we are Not consciously aware now we might Become aware during a binge we realize Oh crap I ate the whole bath we realize Now we were turned off during the action Though now sometimes when I was Struggling with binge eating I would Consciously choose to binge right I Would get whatever ever it was in front Of me the sugary cereal was a big one For me and I would know before doing it I was gonna eat the whole box but while I was eating it I would turn off I’d go On to that autopilot now the choice to Binge was a destructive one it didn’t Serve me it was a maladaptive coping Mechanism for my unmet emotional needs And I talk about that in previous videos So I’m not going to go into it too much Here but I will link them if you want to Explore that for yourself getting Healthier coping mechanisms is Imperative if you want to take action With your binge eating struggles but the Point I want to make here is this Distinction between being on autopilot And being consciously aware we don’t do Awareness okay awareness is a state of Being and so with binge eating what I

Have found through direct experience and Through working with clients is that we Don’t need to do you as much as we think We do to address our binge eating Problems it’s actually less about doing And more about being You Are a Human Being after all not a human doing right I know I spent many years as a human Doing I was going and going on that Hamster wheel of Life thinking oh if I Just do what I think I’m supposed to do Then one day I will have what I need to Be happy like once I get over there but Then what I realized through mindfulness Is oh actually this all comes down to Being so if I can be as in be present And move through the world from that Place of being from the present moment I Will do naturally from that authentic Place of presence and then have the Authentic results of those actions Whether it’s more peace or Joy or Meaning or connection or ease or success Or whatever so what I invite you to Consider is releasing yourself of the Stress of needing to do so much about This binge eating situation okay what Would it mean to be with it to be Present while it is happening so if it’s During a binge and I can become present And recognize what is happening now in This present moment what am I feeling Our feelings indicate whether our needs Are being met or not met so if I’m

Feeling something positive it means my Feelings are being met in some way if I’m feeling something I don’t want to Say bad because there aren’t good and Bad feelings but something negative or Challenging then it indicates oh my Needs are not being met so if we can Stop and ask what are you feeling in This moment if it’s something Challenging then ask what do I need and That’s it so if it’s before a binge and You can recognize an urge to binge can You stop and be present and just notice What it feels like ask what you’re Feeling name it ask what you need maybe Once you know that need there’s some Other coping mechanism you could turn to But simply being willing to be present And notice is enough to shift off of Autopilot if you’re noticing you’re not On autopilot if you’re off of autopilot Then we can acknowledge we have a choice And with all of this remember Mindfulness it’s not just about Awareness it’s not just awareness in General it’s non-judgmental awareness so It’s not beating yourself up it’s not oh Crap I did it again I’m so terrible I’m An awful person and I suck and I’m never Gonna get this right just Non-judgmentally even with kindness how Would you speak to a friend right you Might say wow that’s really tough that’s So hard what you’re going through is

Hard I understand why you did that and It’s okay you are enough just as you are So I know it seems in some ways too Simple and it’s not much of a strategy But if I have learned anything these Last few years on my own Journey it’s That my personal growth has not come From doing it’s not coming from Strategies of what to do it’s coming From being there’s a saying there’s no Transformation In information and if there were we Would all know how to have everything we Wanted by now because we’d have had what We needed after we read the first Self-help book and I don’t know about You but I have read way more than one so I hope that you know you can enjoy your Life and just be with yourself be in the Present moment it is such a beautiful Thing and be kind to yourself while Doing it no need to beat yourself up I Am thinking in January that I’m gonna do Another run of my small group coaching Program to heal your relationship with Food it’s six weeks we will meet live Weekly on Zoom so if you want to get the Details on that add your name to the List below I will be emailing out the Information and the application stuff Next month if I decide to actually do it I’m still kind of making that Determination okay that is it for today I hope you have an amazing holiday

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