Pumpkin Spice Palmiers a.k.a. Elephant Ear Cookies!

[Music] Thank you Hey Munchies welcome to the channel if You’re new or if you’re not I’m Alicia And I’m so glad you’re here either way Today we are making perhaps one of my All-time favorite treats palmiers also Commonly known as elephant ears I Actually can’t believe it has taken me So long to finally make these on the Channel I have so many memories of these As a little kid because my mom and Grandpa also love them and so to this Day the flavor the texture everything is Very nostalgic to me now what I’m Sharing today aren’t just any palmiers I Am putting a holiday spin on them by Making pumpkin spice pomas and they only Have three ingredients one of which is Pre-made puff pastry dough from the Freezer I always seem to have this lying Around over the holidays and some of it Just ends up not getting used so if you End up with an extra sheet of puff Pastry give these a go first I’m gonna Make my pumpkin pie spice you can of Course feel free to use the store-bought Kind but I like to make my own this time Of year because I go through so much of It you can simply combine cinnamon Ground ginger nutmeg cloves and allspice It is so easy and ends up being cheaper Too sometimes the store-bought stuff is So expensive alright now that we have


Our pumpkin pie spice we’ll need our Puff pastry I prefer to thaw it out Overnight in the fridge but you can also Leave it on the counter for 30 minutes Either will work in a bowl combine Demerara sugar which is a type of cane Sugar or you could also use turbinado if You prefer granulated sugar pumpkin pie Spice and salt and if you want regular Elephant ears and not pumpkin spice Flavor simply leave out the pumpkin Spice it’s that easy spread about a Third of your sugar mixture over a flat Surface and then lay your puff pastry Out on top then add another third of Your sugar mixture on top of the puff Pastry and then you begin to roll it out And as you roll it out you are pressing The sugar into the dough yum once you Have a nice big rectangle score the Middle of the puff pastry I used a metal Ruler here to make this easy and then From each side you start rolling on the Short side rolling it up jelly roll Style into the middle from each Direction until you have a sort of log Or double log of puff pastry then you Transfer that into the freezer for about 30 minutes to firm up once it’s firm it Will be much easier to cut your log into Cookies and I like to aim for about a Half an inch thick or slightly less if You can Transfer those to a baking sheet and

Sprinkle with the remaining sugar Mixture leave them a few inches apart as They will puff up and spread in the oven And then bake once baked allow them to Cool for five minutes or so before Transferring to a wire rack to cool Completely they will crisp up more as They cool enjoy immediately they’re so Good warm or you can store in an Airtight container for a few days whoa I Cannot believe how beautiful and Delicious these turned out they are Crisp salty sweet and Flaky and the Pumpkin spice it really comes through it Gives it this nice holiday Flair not to Mention with only three ingredients they Were so simple to make our team totally Devoured these onset and I think if you Give these a try you will too thank you So much for being here don’t forget to Like subscribe and hit the Bell to be Notified of new videos all the time I’ve Got more great holiday content coming Your way so stay tuned I will be back Soon with a brand new episode and Remember it’s all a matter of Mind Over Munch [Music]

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