Roast Chicken & Potatoes | Easy & Delicious Holiday Worthy Dinner Recipe

Hi lovelies as the days are getting Shorter and the weather is cooling down I find myself craving warm cozy comfort Food and that’s why this roast chicken And potato dish simply cannot be beat This delicious dish is full of classic Flavors that your whole family will love This is in my opinion totally holiday Worthy but is shockingly easy to prepare So it’s perfect for Sunday dinner and You can even make it on a weeknight if You’ve got a little extra time now today We’re going to be using some chicken Thighs these are bone-in skin on chicken Thighs which in my opinion are actually The most flavorful cut from a chicken But they’re also one of the most Affordable cuts which is amazing because Let’s be honest if you’re anything like Me maybe your grocery bill has Skyrocketed in the last little while I Found these on sale at my supermarket And these are perfect for the recipe I’m Going to show you today now I’m just Going to get started by seasoning up my Chicken thighs liberally with some salt And some pepper So I’ve got my oven preheating to 325 Degrees Fahrenheit and we’re going to be Starting our chicken on the stove and Then transferring it to the oven to Finish cooking so I’ve got some oil in My Skillet here and just as soon as that Oil is nice and hot I’m going to go

Ahead and transfer my chicken thighs to My pan skin side down I want that skin To get nice and golden in color and a Little crispy before we add the rest of Our ingredients I’m going to let my chicken thighs cook Over medium heat for about five to six Minutes until they’re nice and golden on One side and start to release easily From the pan All right so I’ve been patient and I Think I’ve got these really beautifully Brown So we’re just gonna go ahead and flip These over we’re gonna let them Brown up On the undersize for another couple of Minutes But the goal isn’t to cook our chicken Completely it’s mostly just to get that Beautiful Browning on the skin that Everyone loves so much I’m gonna remove my chicken to a clean Plate and set it aside while I continue Cooking up the rest of my ingredients So in the very same Skillet that my Chicken was cooked in I’m gonna go ahead And add some butter and that butter is Going to mix with that amazing chicken Fat and get so good and then I want to Start building flavor into this dish and I’m going to do that with some shallot So I’ve got three shallots that I’m Using in this recipe you can use a lot Of Shallot because you want a ton of

That great oniony flavor and I’m also Going to add a couple cloves of minced Garlic here You can never go wrong with garlic am I Right I’m gonna let those Cooks to ring them Constantly for between one to two Minutes just to tell that shallot has a Chance to soften up a little bit and Then it’s time to add some white wine to This the wine here imparts a ton of Great flavor it just makes this so rich But if you do not want to cook with wine Or you don’t have any wine on hand it’s Fine you could just use a little extra Chicken broth and that would be fine I’m Going to let this simmer away for about Three or four minutes I just want to let That alcohol burn off and what’s left is This beautiful concentrated white wine Flavor And then I’m going to go ahead and add Some flour to My Pan and this is going To help make a really nice thick Rich Creamy sauce I just want to let that Flour cook for 30 seconds or so stirring It constantly so that it loses its sort Of Flowery taste and then it’s time to Add my potatoes to the pan this is such An amazing recipe because these potatoes Are going to cook in the oven in all of This delicious flavor so you know They’re going to be extra amazing next I’m going to pour my chicken broth over

Top so I’ve got two cups of chicken Broth headed in here And you’ll notice almost immediately When you add your chicken broth that it Starts to thicken up to create almost a Gravy which is of course a really great Sign because that is the yummy mixture We are going to be cooking our potatoes In Yes you heard me right we’re gonna Cook our potatoes in the gravy how Delicious does that sound And finally just to add even more Amazing flavor to this I am going to be Adding some fresh sprigs of thyme and a Bay leaf I actually would usually add a Little Rosemary to this as well but I Didn’t have any so Bailey if in time it Is and then we want to give this a Chance to just come to a nice simmer Once you start to see the bubbles just Breaking the surface you know it’s time To add your chicken back into the pan We’re gonna Nestle our chicken right on Top of these potatoes like so And then we are going to get this Tastiness right into the oven at 325 Degrees Fahrenheit for about 35 to 45 Minutes or until that chicken reaches a Safe internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit on a meat thermometer Guys when this comes out of the oven you Are going to be so happy oh my goodness Gracious friends we have reached the Promised land and it is delicious you

Can see how beautifully golden that Chicken is everything is perfectly Cooked those potatoes are so tender and Now they’re just drowning in this Amazing gravy and of course the whole House is going to smell amazing Now this yumminess can be enjoyed right Away straight out of the oven there is So much to adore about this recipe it’s Hearty it’s comforting and it is perfect For fall I hope you love it as much as I Do and that you will give it a try for Yourselves If you do be sure to tweet me Instagram Me or Facebook me a photo because you Know how much I love seeing your Kitchen Creations remember this recipe like all Of my recipes can be found on our amazing meal Planning site that allows you to browse More than a thousand recipes drag and Drop them into your weekly meal plan and Then it automatically generates your Grocery list for the week how great is That thank you as always so much for Watching and finally if you haven’t Already be sure to subscribe because There is lots more deliciousness where This came from

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