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Salads For Weight Loss – Mistakes To Avoid

All right, hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp, physical therapist.

– Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – We’re the most famous physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion of course, Bob. – It’s a real beauty here today, weight loss fast. The biggest mistake with eating healthy salads.

– There’s no doubt about this Bob, in my mind. – We’re solid; by the way, if you’re new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on staying healthy, fit, pain-free and we upload every day and that may be including weight loss.

– You’ve been trying to lose some weight, Brad? – I have; you haven’t noticed have you? – I thought you had.

(laughing) – No actually, I weighed myself this morning, I was 170.4 pounds. – Now how much is that a loss? I know not from the way high, but just recently? – Well, January 1st I was 183. – Oh so you’ve lost that much weight already? – That was a heavy 183, because you know, you fluctuate and I was eating and drinking a lot.

– A heavy 183. – Right, I mean, I think. – As opposed to a light 183. – Few days later I was down to 180 but that was a light 180. You know how it is? – Yeah I eat (mumbles) a lot. – So anyways, yeah, it’s been going good.

Along with this weight loss I’ve learned some interesting things and this is one of them. The whole title of this is people, they say, automatically, think we’ve gotta start eating salads, good, like this.

This is my salad, this is what I– – This is awesome. – All this came out of my fridge this morning. – Wow. – This is what I have in the fridge on a regular day, I mean, we ate like this, before my wife and I but now it’s more religious, more of a daily thing.

– Sure, a lot more plant-based. – Yeah, we’ve got some good, look at that! Spinach, organic spinach. – Those are baby spinach. – Blackberries, you know how nutritious blackberries are. – Blackberries are awesome.

That is one of those what they call ‘superfoods’. All of these are really good choices. – Right, so you take this, low in calories, high in nutrients, anti-inflammatory. – Anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, it just has it all.

– Right, and then we’ve gotta put, get that, I can’t believe you did that! (clapping) You’re gonna put something on there, came out of refrigerator too, from months gone by. We’ve got these diet or low-calorie dressings.

And then you’ve gotta put that on there and then what happens? You absolutely ruin your diet. – Yeah. – And the reason why is, Well these are, let’s look at it this way, put that back down on the spot.

First of all, there’s a lot of vitamins that to get absorbed into your intestines they need to have oil, fats I should say. In you system to absorb that. And the reason I know this, I was reading this book here by Doctor Mark Hyman MD and he wrote this book on “What The Heck Should I Eat?” and he goes through in detail on how you get the most out of your salads and it’s not by putting on low-calorie dressings.

– A light salad, right. – They don’t have that, typically, they have fats in them but not very much but the fats that they do have in them aren’t the right kind of fats that you’re looking for.

– The big companies, I mean, I don’t wanna be one of those guys but they are quite deceptive. – Yeah. – They will sell you what you think they want and it says “light calories, 50% less fat and fewer calories” but that doesn’t really mean anything, does it Brad? – No, exactly.

– 50% less than what? – They’ve got high emulsifiers, flavoring, high-fructose corn syrup. – That’s the worst thing. – One of these has the second ingredient as corn syrup, I believe, I think it’s that.

– Oh yes. – The second ingredient! – So if you wanna know one of the things you should never eat, it’s high-fructose corn syrup. I mean you have a look at that, if that’s an ingredient on something that you’re gonna buy, pitch it, I mean seriously.

– Well just put it back on the shelf. – Yeah all right, don’t throw it on the floor or anything. But it’s really, there’s no healthy benefit for you at all. It’s just really bad. So I just, if I see that, I run the other way.

– Right, so getting on with the thing before, we shouldn’t babble too much, but what you should put on there? So according to Mark Hymen, he says right here, we’ve got some extra virgin olive oil, nice organic, extra virgin olive oil and that’s what I’m gonna put on in just about a half hour when I eat this.

– You know Brad, the other thing I noticed on here is the amount of sodium in these too. These has got 350mg per serving. You know, if you’re trying to watch your blood pressure, that’s still highly proven that sodium is, you wanna avoid it.

– It just make any sense to put a diet like this and mix it with something like this. – It’s no good. – I often find that Brad, I just cut apples and put berries on it and almonds, that’s enough for me.

– Sure. – I don’t even need the, in fact, that’s what I’m eating this afternoon. – Oh really? – Yeah. – I was out to eat Saturday night, in a restaurant, my favorite, you know I say going out to eat is the best way to get fat.

Actually, I was able to order something reasonably healthy. I go to the salad bar and I picked out all the healthy stuff I could. I didn’t get the potato salad and all these heavy things that are fun to eat.

– Sure. – And all the dressings I just bypassed them and luckily they did have two little jars of just, I’m not sure what kinda oil it was but I just took it. – Sure. – And it was fun to eat. You could actually taste the vegetables very clearly.

– Yeah so you still enjoyed going out and you didn’t pay the price the next day, you were fine, you felt good. – Exactly. And I watched everyone else eat their roasted chicken, potato salad, everything else.

it did look pretty good though (chuckles). – It does get a little tough. – Good luck with your weight loss and eat some healthy salads.

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