Spinach & Artichoke Dip | Easy & Impressive Holiday Appetizer

Hi lovelies the holiday season is here And if you are looking for an easy but Impressive appetizer to make all of your Guest mouth water then look no further Than this delicious classic spinach and Artichoke dip that is oh so good it’s so Cheesy so garlicky so flavorful so Delicious Usually I only order spinach and Artichoke dip when I’m at a restaurant Because until recently I didn’t realize How easy it is to make it home so I’m Excited to share this recipe with you Guys now because if you’re doing any Holiday entertaining you’ll definitely Want to have this one in your back Pocket it is perfect for serving a crowd Everybody loves it and you can serve it Up with all sorts of things [Music] Now for this recipe I’m starting with About eight ounces of cream cheese in my Bowl I brought it to room temperature Because that just makes it so much Easier to work with and I’m gonna go Ahead and add a quarter cup of sour Cream to this as well as a quarter cup Of mayonnaise now you could use all sour Cream or all mayonnaise but I will just Say that you get the best texture in This recipe if you use both so don’t say I didn’t warn you Next we want to go ahead and make sure This is loaded with great flavor and as

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You guys probably know the best way in My opinion to do that is with some Garlic and I’m just going to get that Right in to my bowl And then I’m going to use my hand mixer To blend this all together you could Just as easily do this with a spoon if You wanted to but I find the hand mixer Just makes life a little bit easier in The kitchen so simple and it smells so Ultra garlicky I’m pretty excited Oh yeah come on tasting is the best part Right Next to this mixture I’m going to go Ahead and add my spinach so I’m using Some frozen spinach here and I just let It thaw completely and then run out all Of the excess moisture using a clean Kitchen towel it’s really important to Remove as much of the moisture as you Can from your spinach because it is Going to affect the final sort of Texture of your dip next of course Because this is spinach and artichoke Dip we need our artichokes and here I’m Using some artichoke hearts that have Been chopped up I’m using marinated Artichoke hearts I find those have the Best flavor and it will just tell you They come in like this really delicious Liquid that I actually like to set aside And use in my salad dressings because It’s actually Ultra flavorful but I

Digress so I’ve got my artichoke hearts I’ve drained them given them a quick Chop and I’m going to get them right Into my bowl as well Next I want to add a little bit of extra Decadence and cheesiness and Ooey Gooeyness to this dip and I’m going to Do that with some shredded mozzarella Cheese as well as some shredded parmesan Cheese Two of my favorite cheeses let’s be Honest I rarely need a cheese I don’t Like Now at this point I am ready just to Give this all a good stir I want to make Sure that my artichokes and my spinach Are really well combined and of course That cheese is very well distributed in This creamy mixture Now something to keep in mind is that Spinach and artichoke dip can Technically be served gold so you can Just enjoy this with a little bit of Baguette and it would be really really Tasty but I think we all can agree that It is best served piping hot out of the Oven so I’m going to transfer this to a Baking dish and get it right into the Oven until it’s nice and hot and bubbly And that’s where the real magic happens Now you really could use any oven safe Dish that you wanted to with this dip But today I’ve opted for my cast iron Skillet because I absolutely love how it

Looks as a serving platter as well now You are more than welcome at this point To pop this right in the oven and cook It just as it is but if you’re me of Course you want to go ahead and take it Right over the top with the addition of A little bit of shredded mozzarella Cheese Some Parmesan for good measure Have you ever been sad about more cheese In a dish like this I don’t think so All right friends this is ready for the Oven I’ve got it preheated to 350 Degrees Fahrenheit and I’m gonna let it Cook away for 20 to 25 minutes or until It’s nice and gooey and bubbly and That’s how you know it is ready for Serving What I like to do is broil it for the Last minute or two of cooking just to Give it a little bit of a Golden Crust On top and then my lovelies this Tastiness is ready to serve I like Topping it off with just a little bit of Fresh parsley for some color and Honestly it is oh so good it’s so cheesy So garlicky so flavorful so delicious It’s perfect served with anything from Pita bread to crackers to baguette like I’m doing here guys I hope you love this Recipe as much as I do and that you’ll Give it a try for yourselves if you do Be sure to tweet me Instagram me or Facebook me a photo because you know how

Much I love seeing your Kitchen Creations remember this recipe like all Of my recipes can be found on my website The domesticgeek.com I’ve also included A link to it in the description box Below the video so you can find it there Thank you as always so much for watching And finally if you haven’t already be Sure to subscribe because there is lots More holiday deliciousness where this Came from

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