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Good morning good morning and welcome to What Aina day Vlog okay so it’s 4 55 a.m And this is a pretty bright light Stop and I’m gonna Meditate for probably about 20 years now On and off uh there’s been times where It was meditating like two hours a day And recently when family life has got Busy I’m not meditating as much so uh Gonna do half hour this morning If I calm down Uh focus better and kind of feel more Centered so uh yeah here we go So I know I wasn’t eating there but that Was food for this all so I did 30 Minutes maybe Please [Music] Okay all set we got tail talks we got Two for the beach and now I’m meeting Dave and Tyler and then we’re going for A running meeting not gonna eat my Brother or my other brother Dave all Right we’re going for that run so six to Seven run a meeting we’d be dinner for I Don’t know good year and a half for Friday morning 10k run so instead of Sitting trying to board meeting so Darren’s uh the head of the company he’s The CEO Dave doesn’t have a title I Don’t have a title either but instead of Sitting around a board meeting talk and We go for a Friday morning run so next Up very

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Okay run complete we did about 8K and Nice gentle Pace we can have good chats And run through the business and what’s Going on and catch up I think this is a Nice metaphor because you’re running the Same direction together so you’re kind Of side by side so we always find it Really really helpful uh now we’re Heading down to the Sea Um to go for a swim but before that We’re going into the Solana so we’re Doing a bit of hot cold exposure so the Sauna typically is a little wood fire It’s on I’ll show you now it’s amazing And there’ll be about 10 of us in it and Uh it’s about 75 to 100 degrees Celsius So it’s hot like sweat so much when you Run down then you run down to the sea in Between and just you literally feel Drunk so cool [Music] [Music] Today start of the day really check that Out for magic it’s the first real bit of Food for today is a cup of tea why does Your cup say Samuels we tend to reuse The cups this is one from my son’s Birthday so there we are here’s the good Day cheers Yeah it was from Sam little Sam there’s Deed and Mark having a nail yak Welcome to bracky so Um in Ireland sometimes I think we eat So many potatoes is like we have

Potatoes in our blood but we also love Porridge too so this is my son Tia And we’re making birds for the family Um so I’m making a good some cooking or I cook and I shouldn’t say we cook it on Half rice milk or half oat milk and half Water for a creamier part but also 10 as A family Okay so porridge with porridge we put a Little bit of ground flax through it Also known as linseed uh because it’s Gonna make it three fatty acids and it Adds more fiber and diversity in my joy And next possibly the basketball in the World Stephen’s granola yeah Which is your favorite granola Days no wrong answer which is your Favorite granola your wrong answer Steve’s is much better You like cheese I love them too Dollop about Coconut yogurt and voila It’s a nice simple bracket [Music] So welcome to the bakery there is the Lord of the bakery the man himself the Great Danny baby these are the ovens I Should say this there’s Dells for Tomorrow and there’s Jane mixing uh Mother uh so this is Brad’s out of the Oven for today so you have a lovely malt You have a black sesame and then these Are my favorite so this is what I will Have most mornings I’ll take a little

Bread roll out and listen to the Crispiness for gorgeous Oh that’s magnificent I’ve enjoyed that while making the kids Lunches I’m a total picker so when I’m Making the kids lunches here So Mary’s having a little this is the Sourdough roll with some of our own Happy pair of jams this is a sugar-free Jam that we make really nice Apple and some organic Clementines and I’ve always Oh well oh okay bracky done or at least The first version of brecky has finished Now heading down to the studio gonna Film some stuff for our app and film Some YouTube vids so our this is launch Week of our app so it’s been like a big Week kind of excite and kind of Challenging and you know when you Release something that you’ve been Working on for so long and you’re not Sure how it’s gonna do so there’s been Quite a bit of apprehensive and quite Nervous but today we’re going to shoot Content so that the goal of the app Anyways most people know what to do to Be healthy but they struggle to actually Do it so the whole goal of the app is to Support people and help them to be Healthier and happier and it’s like We’ve 11 courses with medical Professionals from like a happy good Course or a good health Revolution

Course to our happy shape course or the Bariatric GP to happy menopause course Coming with the senior consultant Gynecologist to a happy hard-on course Lead urologist there’s loads of Different Health courses in there and Then we’ve got rest these we’ve got yoga We’ve got breath working we have Community Live Events so it’s super cool And we’re really really excited and if I’m honest nervous about it because I Don’t know you know you kind of put we Pretty put about two years work into This and we really hope it’s received as Well as we we believe it should be uh But you never know when you put these Things out in the world so we’re going Into the studio now to film I’m filming A number of content or a number of kind Of vids for the app recipe vids and then I’m shooting to a YouTube video so yeah And then that’s a bit of fun welcome to The studio there’s the great Shawnee Carl The Man Behind YouTube he’ll Probably edit this out but maybe he Won’t there’s Greg Lucy and there’s Daisy look Daisy is our beautiful Supporter today so we just cooked a Punjabi lobia it’s called really Beautiful Curry so this with a pickle so This is uh next up on our menu two Dishes are probably only eat half a bowl [Music] Second break

Part of that YouTube cooking reality Revenant we shot an Indian feast and the Reality is we’re sitting here it serves Forest what’s the bread it was an AM Bread pretty nice vegan lamb Brad it’s Nice yeah yum Next up we shot a five ingredient five Minute tiramisu so I had to try lots of Which while we were making so uh for Third break here first lunch casualty of The job yeah exactly there you are Anyway and vegan cream is just Magnificent look at that Anyway there you are Okay welcome to lunch this is my son Ned At the moment we’re playing I Spy I Spoke my big eye and then it’s playing I Spy with my wife Like something colored orange No okay anyway lunch uh so these are Spreads to grow on our farm uh as an Irish person as I mentioned earlier we Have potatoes growing through our veins Um at least we eat so many of themselves So for those who can’t speak Irish we Speak Irish every Friday at one o’clock During lunch and you’re all well because It’s a beautiful language just had a Formal invitation absolutely you’re all Invited Any final character words No way no way Ned Okay this is my son Ned’s his little Tomato Farm we grew these tomatoes from


Seed And uh he’s just picked the last the Red Tomato so as a post lunch treat and so This is working to Friday night at the Bar a different sort of bar this is the Bar here so we’re doing um pull-ups and That is Joey and Jeremy and Harold a Great bit of fun it should be about Eight of us here and uh we’re all just Gonna help each other train social Accountability and workout time So tonight we’re doing a supper club Here in the happy pair and tonight is Caribbean night so um I’ll just show you The kitchen in here so here’s the Kitchen there’s Arnie Arnie’s head chef And own it they’re running the show Tonight and for little appetizers these Are lovely these are little sweet Potatoes kind of sweet potatoes cooked In Maize with a kind of chili pickle They’re beautiful Um I’ll talk you through the menu this Is the menu tonight so so this is kind Of like a deep fried Quinoa pancake Almost there’s a Chana Chana Curry That’s good on top then we have a mango Salad there’s Tamarind going on top so You’ll see it has been served this is a Starter which is pretty cool so I’m Having that started so the tunes Absolutely The VIP room this is all friends and Family so it’s probably really really

Nice What’s up bro Mark that was an Absolutely beautiful By the way you’re filming yeah we’re Doing what a day vlog Feeling pretty exhausted after that but Um she’s got to grab the Supper Club is So good we’re doing it every two weeks And the happy parent is just explore Different Cuisines so Um tonight was Caribbean previously Until middle eastern we’ve done Turkish We’ve done Greek we’ve done Korean Japanese Spanish and we’ve done some Kind of traditional Irish kind of autumn Farm produce so there’s been lots of Amazing nights and such a great Opportunity to explore plant-based food And explore the different recolinery Um regions of the world and thanks a lot For watching this if you do want to Support us please check out our app We’re so proud about details down below Uh there is a seven days free trial and It’s available in the app store on the Google Play Store but uh yeah thanks for Watching this um come visit us anytime Come join us for a swim and uh yeah that Allows a lot bye

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